11 April 2012

Could it be true?

I'm not going into the office tomorrow. I'm not even working at home (during the normal work day, anyway). Tomorrow, I'm going to the Aveda Institute to get my ass pampered.

The best part is that it is going to be hella cheap. I mean, in a way. I spent a lot of money to get my $150 gift certificate. I also booked my appointments at the customer appreciation night, so I'm getting my already cheap services even cheaper. I actually had to put a lot of thought into it to make sure I didn't lose money (you have to spend the entire $150 at once, on services).

Of course, I'm ashamed that my face looks terrible (fucking stress zits), so my facial will be less-than-awesome.  My massage will be after lunch, so I may have to hold in a lot of farts. I can mitigate that by what I eat for lunch, I suppose ... but The Bulldog is like, a block away! And it's my day off. I should totally be able to grab a fancy burger and beer for lunch.

Look at me, complaining about getting a free massage. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME? I'm going to forget I'm using a vacation day when I'd worked tomorrow's eight hours by the end of yesterday. I'm gonna chill and enjoy it.

Side note: The Daily Show is making me laugh so I don't cry tonight with the Oklahoma personhood amendment shit. Except I'm not laughing.

Side note II: I bought pretzel rolls at Byerly's tonight. They are delicious and no terribly caloric. Yay! When I looked at the pretzel rolls at Trader Joe's, there were like, 250 calories. The ones I bought tonight at Byerly's are just 130 calories. THAT IS TOTALLY REASONABLE. I'm maybe happier about this than I should be. But I do not care.

Side note III: Twins win!

Side note IV: Anyone in Nordeast wanna have lunch tomorrow?

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