29 April 2012

Probably could have timed things better today.

I was really unhappy to wake up at 8:00 this morning, but as I'm typing this, I realize I didn't actually feel tired today. I mean, that was about seven hours of sleep, so hey -- more than normal.

Because the idea of getting out of bed at 8:00 on Sunday when I had nothing to get out of bed for was super-odious to me, I lounged around in bed for at least an hour. I also had a headache (still have it!) and was still tired, dammit.

I spent entirely too much time working/drinking coffee/watching Law & Order this morning, so it was like, 12:30 or 1:00 before I got to the gym. And then I spent 50 minutes on the elliptical and did extra stretching, because ... well, I wasn't tired and it fucking felt good.

By the time I started work again, it was 4:00 and between work and laundry (four loads!), it was 7:00 before I decided to start making cookies. I opted not to chill them before baking and well, that was a pretty bad idea. The first batch spread so much and didn't even finish baking. FAIL. The second batch finished baking, but spread something awful.

So, I threw the dough in the fridge and decided to cook up the broccoli that had been taking up space in my refrigerator. I used the America's Test Kitchen method. Jesus H. Christ, y'all, that is some good broccoli. I'm pretty sure I'll eat most of it tonight.

And that's good because the super-cold cookies aren't working tonight, either. What the fuck? I guess at least I won't be up until 1:00 baking cookies.


This thing went off the rails. What are you gonna do?

28 April 2012


That's about how many hours I've worked this week. Of course, my ... I don't use a time sheet, so our time tracking system or whatever, will show around 68 hours, because I did have that "day off," on Tuesday.

The nice thing is that I finished about two hours earlier than I did last Saturday. The super shitty thing is that I worked until 10:00 at The Boy I Currently Like's place last night and worked another couple of hours there today.

I suppose I could have bailed on him again, but I'm trying really hard to find some semblance of balance in my life. I'm pretty sure I'm doing a terrible job of it. How would I feel if he came to my house and did something else for three hours while we were supposed to be hanging out?

But what were my other options? Working at the office until 8:00 or 9:00? Canceling on him two weekends in a row? I kind of feel like I made the best of shitty situation, but I don't really know if that's true.

Not only did work infringe on my time with The Boy, but I had to turn down my brother's offer of free Twins tickets for tomorrow. Gee, I'd love to, but I'll be working all afternoon. I didn't get any laundry done today, so I am going to have to do four loads tomorrow amongst the work and trying to figure out what I'll have for lunch all week.

It would be so much more bearable if there was an end in sight. But alas, there is not. I guess this is my new normal. I don't think I care very much for it. At least I got some cooking done tonight. And I'm kinda drunk. So, yay for that.

27 April 2012

Being thrifty 'n' stuff.

Despite the fact that my freezer has a lot of stuff in it, I feel like I really did some shit right with it tonight.

I had leftover cheesy grits from the big fried chicken dinner on Sunday, and thanks to Chowhound, I found out it freezes great. I sliced up some one-inch slabs and stuck them in the freezer. I mean, I was going to use the leftovers, but my attempt at making croutons from the leftovers failed pretty miserably last night. I'm glad I have more time now.

There was also a very large portion of "pork chalupas" sitting in my fridge, as well. I didn't even use the size of pork roast called for in the recipe. Mine was a good 1.5 pounds less and I got at least 13 servings out of that. I shudder to think about the "serving size" in the recipe, with a four-pound hunk of meat. I have six one-cup portions in the freezer now for later.

Finally, I threw a chicken carcass in there, too, tonight. Because with all the food (formerly) in my fridge, of course I had to buy a rotisserie chicken tonight. That's what happens when you go to the grocery store tired, hungry and spaced out. Then you see Denard Span in the dairy aisle, but it takes a fairly embarrassing triple-take to realize why that guy looks so familiar. Pretty sure that's why I decided I needed to buy the chicken, some hot peach preserves and a bake-at-home roasted garlic loaf to make a sandwich that I have dubbed "The Denard."

Also, what the fuck am I still doing out of bed? Jesus. Working until seven and then going to the gym, then going to the grocery store, then coming home, doing dishes, showering, watching Thursday shows ... it's fucking 11:00 before I even really sit down and think about anything.

Shit. I gotta get to bed, y'all.

23 April 2012

Same ol', same ol. Except with a puppy.

Work sucks. I worked late Friday (I did take a couple-hour break to go to my nephew's track meet), worked late Saturday and worked late Sunday. I was working until about 20 minutes ago tonight.

We heard some shit last week about raising morale -- we're going to get quarterly pizza parties! Because we're elementary school children. Or possibly a little league team. Go, team!

Let's not moderate our workload or anything. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY.

I did manage to kind of regroup over the weekend, despite the extra work hours. Well, I regrouped Saturday. I was awake at 4:00 or 4:30 Saturday morning. Not awesome. I mean, I had to get up early anyway to go watch my nephew play some hoops. He ended up fouling out halfway through the first half of the second game. His fifth foul? A technical. After the ref warned him for mouthing off or whatever the hell he was doing. Not gonna lie -- it was kinda awesome.

Despite my lack of sleep, I went to the gym after I got back to MPLS and even worked for a couple of hours before I finally succumbed to a nap. I had to cancel on The Boy I Currently Like, because of the lack of sleep and stress and work I needed to get done. That's the first time I've had to do something like that. It was weird.

But it was for the best, because I actually got some sleep Saturday night -- like, eight hours worth. It felt pretty damn awesome, if I'm gonna be honest with y'all. That's not all, though. I got my lunch for the week cooked in the crock pot, got more work done and got to meet this little lady:

Her name is Birdie and she is SO FUCKING CUTE. You can see a bit of my corgi buddy off to the side there, and of course Birdie's mom, Jen. I met that adorable puppy before having some ridiculously good homemade fried chicken and other assorted deliciousness at Dave and Sarah's. I'm not going to be modest -- I helped with some kick-ass cheesy grits.

So, all of that awesomeness in a short period of time, plus some sleep and stuff ... I was doing okay when I went to bed last night. Of course, getting up this morning was another story. It's a constant struggle. I didn't get to the gym today. Well, I went to the gym and checked in and all that. But it turned out I'd forgotten my sport bra. No cardio for you, Jess!

It's all good in the hood, though. I got some work done tonight in advance of taking some time off tomorrow to go with The Boy to the Minnesota Zoo. We're gonna see some baby animals, the penguins and some dholes (I'm not gonna lie -- in my head, I say "dee-holes." Because I'm a 10-year-old boy).

There's work to do yet. And dishes. But fuck that shit. I'm tired.

Also, I briefly glanced over this post. Why the fuck did I bother to write it? This shit is boring as hell, y'all.

18 April 2012


I'm too tired to do any more work tonight, even though I really should be doing more. But when I've got translating to do on top of the regular work, I need to be a bit more ... something than I am right now.

Our big boss came to the office today. We had lunch with him, ostensibly to talk about all of our issues, but none of that happened. It was all chit chat and that's bullshit. However, according to the immediate boss, the big boss has acknowledged that we are working at an unsustainable pace and we need help.

Do they know that the most helpful thing might have been NOT TO LET ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE GO? I've heard that maybe they do.

At the same time, when we had a meeting with the immediate boss shortly after lunch, the topic of vacation came up. I brought up the fact that despite having a vacation day last week, I still worked about 50 hours, and that I lost vacation time last year. My boss's response (which I've heard him say too fucking many times over the years)? "I lost vacation time last year, too."

THAT'S NOT THE FUCKING POINT. And you know what? It's wrong. It's wrong that the company gives us time we have to use or we will lose, and then sets us up to not be able to use it. It's to their benefit, of course. But it's fucking wrong. I swear to the Baby fucking Jesus, the next time he says that to me, I will lose my shit.

And that's the thing -- he said today that things will get better, "when we're fully staffed." I called him on that bullshit. I've been hearing that for nearly as long as I've been at the company. We were fully staffed at the end of last year, and I still had to work on my vacation days (plus holidays, weekends, nights). It's simply not true. I've NEVER taken a sick day in the nearly four years I've worked there.  Not that I can remember, anyway. At best, I work from home. Because shit is set up so that many of us simply can't take a sick day, because there is always shit due.

The worst part of this (and there are so many very bad parts) ... dammit. I lost my train of thought while typing out that parenthetical statement. Oh! There's no end in sight. It's one thing to work crazy hours for a finite period of time to accomplish a specific goal. But when you're doing that just to keep up (and by "keep up" I mean be a few days behind all the time), that's your new normal. There's no end in sight for that.

It's not just the bosses who are aggravating me, either. My coworkers just need to accept that the people who were let go are gone. They're not going to be hired back as contractors. The company won't do it, and we know for a fact our former coworkers don't want to come back. I don't feel like we can waste much more time on revisiting that issues, because we have to try to figure out how the fuck those of us left are going to do our work.

Gah. I have to put the computer down and just relax. Not that relaxing is possible. I'm sleeping so terribly. Then I can't get up in the morning, which makes me get to work late, which makes me have to work late, which makes me get to the gym late, get home late, go to bed late ... hello, vicious cycle!

Something's gonna break at some point. I just hope it isn't messy.

15 April 2012

Focusing on the bright spots.

Well, I'm trying to focus on the bright spots. I'm not actually having much success there.

On Tuesday, I'm hosting a group of ladies for a little Birchbox/general product swap. I love the ladies who are coming (those I know, anyway). I love hanging out with them. I love makeup -- talking about it, playing with it, everything.

However, I am mega stressed about having to clean and have food and booze and all that. I can't remember when I agreed to host this ... It may or may not have been before the day everyone got canned. Even if it was shortly after, I probably had no idea what my life would be like right now.

I managed to get my apartment "cleaned" today. I dusted and vacuumed. It's still a fucking dump in here, but at least I made an effort. If I keep the lighting low, maybe people will notice a bit less. My work day tomorrow isn't going to be quite as heinous as I'd thought earlier today. It'll still be bad; just not as bad. So, maybe I will have some additional getting-ready time.

At the end of the day, it will be worth it. I've remembered some of my go-to appetizers that are quick-ish and easy, so that's good. I have plenty of booze around here, so that's covered. It won't be terrible getting ready.

See -- I've already made things better for myself.

I wish there was more going on to talk about, but there's not much else.

Just noticed it was after 10:00. FUCK.

11 April 2012

Could it be true?

I'm not going into the office tomorrow. I'm not even working at home (during the normal work day, anyway). Tomorrow, I'm going to the Aveda Institute to get my ass pampered.

The best part is that it is going to be hella cheap. I mean, in a way. I spent a lot of money to get my $150 gift certificate. I also booked my appointments at the customer appreciation night, so I'm getting my already cheap services even cheaper. I actually had to put a lot of thought into it to make sure I didn't lose money (you have to spend the entire $150 at once, on services).

Of course, I'm ashamed that my face looks terrible (fucking stress zits), so my facial will be less-than-awesome.  My massage will be after lunch, so I may have to hold in a lot of farts. I can mitigate that by what I eat for lunch, I suppose ... but The Bulldog is like, a block away! And it's my day off. I should totally be able to grab a fancy burger and beer for lunch.

Look at me, complaining about getting a free massage. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME? I'm going to forget I'm using a vacation day when I'd worked tomorrow's eight hours by the end of yesterday. I'm gonna chill and enjoy it.

Side note: The Daily Show is making me laugh so I don't cry tonight with the Oklahoma personhood amendment shit. Except I'm not laughing.

Side note II: I bought pretzel rolls at Byerly's tonight. They are delicious and no terribly caloric. Yay! When I looked at the pretzel rolls at Trader Joe's, there were like, 250 calories. The ones I bought tonight at Byerly's are just 130 calories. THAT IS TOTALLY REASONABLE. I'm maybe happier about this than I should be. But I do not care.

Side note III: Twins win!

Side note IV: Anyone in Nordeast wanna have lunch tomorrow?

08 April 2012

I don't like this new normal.

I'm just now sitting down to relax today. It's nearly 10:45.

Things were busy at the farm -- helping get dinner ready, playing with the puppy. Then I left and came home to work and do laundry. After that was cooking and now here I am sitting down to do a quick blog post, upload some photos and watch The Killing.

I'd hoped to get some work done yesterday, but with the entire family around, it was impossible. Not to mention the fact that we spent about four hours driving around looking at the exteriors of houses to help the 'rents decide what they want in their new house.

This week is my spa day. I'm hoping I can still take the damn day off. I mean, I'll have to make up most of the day. Christ, I already did most of it today. That won't be enough, though. Nothing is ever enough now.

Still, I got to spend some time with this fuzzy little spaz, so that's good. It's better than good, in fact.

02 April 2012

Today could have been worse.

I think that's about all Monday can ask for in terms of praise, right?

Work was mostly manageable today. Though, I put in a good chunk of time before I actually left home. And did a lot of not-entirely-billable work during the day. However, everything that had a due date of today was out the door, and that's the best we've done in a good few weeks.

Basketball wasn't exactly awesome tonight. Apparently, I could have finished third in the office pool, had Kansas won. But they were TERRIBLE. Unless I'm wrong about that. Probably not, though, because a good 75 percent of the participants had picked Kentucky to win.

Whatever. Breaking even is lame. Just take my goddamn money.

The Timberwolves are down by eight with ... poop. The screen just went away. Oh, 1:50 left. That's not the worst of the news, though. Our last remaining point guard, Jesus-loving hillbilly Luke Ridnour, went down with an ankle sprain. Nooooooooooooooooo! And I'm going to the game on Wednesday with my coworkers.

Oh well. I should probably be getting ready to go to bed. My caffeine-fueled Game of Thrones watching last night left me up very late. I slept pretty shitty, too. And I'm watching the Wolves finish up a West Coast game. I should be ready to climb into bed as soon as these 30.8 seconds are up. But I'm nowhere near that point.

01 April 2012

Not the usual Sunday night.

First, I can't believe I didn't post most of last week. I mean, I thought about it. I was just so damn tired. And sick of sitting in front a computer.

The upcoming week doesn't look too promising, either. One of my coworkers is supposed to be on vacation, and our workload is showing no signs of abating. I really hope the colleague is able to have some semblance of vacation, because if not, that means none of us will.

So, instead of my usual Sunday night of cooking and watching ”Two Fat Ladies,” I went to The Boy I Currently Like's house to have some ribs and watch ”Game of Thrones.” I finished all five books between the end of last season and this one. Actually, I finished quite some time ago.

It was great, and it was a lovely time hanging out with The Boy, as always. It's a nice set-up before I have a craptastic week. Hopefully, it won't be too terrible.