08 March 2012

You can go ahead and be done now, week.

*Insert heavy sigh here*

Man, I really wanted -- no, needed -- to go to yoga tonight. But of course, it was cancelled. Then something else lame or unpleasant happened ... Oh. My gym bag broke as I was walking out of the gym. Yeah, none of this is the end of the world or anything. It's just lameness on top of a stupid, shitty week.

I worked until 7:00 tonight, which kinda blew. But I get to leave tomorrow at 1:00. I'm getting my hair did and then I get to hang out for a bit with THE PUPPY. That'll all be nice after having a fucking deadline and shit tomorrow.

Probably I should be getting to bed soon. I'm tired and I have a deadline tomorrow. There were all kinds of things I intended to write about this week -- a hair update, a freezer update ... maybe other things. Perhaps I'll get to that this weekend. Or next week.

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