16 March 2012

Watching basketball is hard work.

Or so you might think, if you had any idea how exhausted I am right now, after watching 12ish hours of hoops yesterday and today.

I had to work nearly a full day yesterday, so I didn't watch the early games all that closely. At the time, and even at the end of the night, I felt cheated, because there really weren't any compelling games. Sure, UNLV had a big comeback against Colorado. And I still think Syracuse won solely because the refs allowed them to win. But overall, it was a pretty fucking boring day.

Tuesday was technically the opening day of the tournament, what with this being the second year of the "First Four." And those games were fucking crazy. Of course, the announcers RUINED EVERYTHING by saying those games featuring double-digit comebacks were harbingers of what was to come for the tournament. So, of course yesterday's games were lame.

Thankfully, today was BANANAS. Mizzou's lost fucked up my brackets, but Duke losing made that not matter a single fucking bit. I did a good deal of maniacal laughing earlier this evening. Sure, I wish things were a bit more even, but at least I didn't have to work today.

I have two more days of basketball to watch this weekend. I feel bad I don't have St. Pat's plans, but I'll be drinking, so that's really all that matters, right?

Jesus. I'm so fucking tired. Less than 7:00 left in the Wolves game. I should be able to be in bed before midnight. Whooooooo! Vacation! Friday night!

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Gia said...

Duke fucked up my bracket! I don't even like them, I just wanted them to WIN! FUUUUUCK. Today's a big day. CMON fellas. Don't let me down.