06 March 2012

Shitty, shitty day.

I thought today was going suck when I spilled half a bottle of thyroid pills all over my floor shortly after dragging my ass out of bed this.

But man, I had no idea just how sucky things would get.

We were supposed to have a big meeting at 10:30 this morning. We gathered, but nothing happened. The person doing the meeting said we'd reconvene in an hour or something. On our way back to our desks, we found out two colleagues had been canned.

There was incredulity first. Then the panic set in. When all was said and done, three people in our office and two sales guys were let go. Our meeting was pushed back several times over two hours to allow all this to happen. Then we got Jimmy John's. Seriously?

It seemed to be handled pretty much as poorly as possible. Not that there is a good way to do these things, but this seemed ... just bad. We didn't know the carnage was over until the meeting was finally started. It was horrible. None of us got anything done. I couldn't concentrate and we were all talking back and forth all day. That's why I just finished working about 10 minutes ago.

Who knows what will happen now? I know there will be more work, because there are fewer people to do the work we have. No one knows how things will shake out in the end; not even those in charge. That's comforting. I don't see how I won't feel like I'm on edge constantly.

Things are going to be weird at the office now. It's really depressing. I just feel fucking drained right now. I'm exhausted.

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