11 March 2012

The most wonderful time of the year.

I feel like I can face work this week for two reasons: Chicken Little is out of the office tomorrow and cannot bother me (though, he will find a way, I'm sure) and I'm out Thursday and Friday for NCAA HOOPS ACTION.

Oh, also? Unseasonable warmth has taken Minnesota by storm. I had my first deck beer yesterday; I still have windows open right now, at 10:23 p.m. on March ... whatever date it is. That's crazy, y'all. And it's supposed to get to 70 by mid-week. SEVENTY DEGREES. Holy shit. Of course, the office will be hot as balls. Gotta remember that when deciding what to wear.

Coincidentally, I've been sneezing all day and my nose has been running constantly. Yay, extended spring allergy season!

I believe I promised some updates ... hair and freezer? My life -- it's riveting, y'all.

Got my hair did on Friday and The Stylist whole-heartedly approves of my decision to go no 'poo. She didn't even have to shampoo my hair after coloring it -- it was squeaky clean. And I mean that literally. I could hear and feel my hair squeaking.

She thought my curls looked better; that my hair was in fact curlier. It's still super soft and for some reason, it doesn't tangle anywhere near as much as it did before I went no 'poo. My hair took the color better than it did last time and my color should last longer.

I'm still working on finding the right product(s) or mix of products, but I'm really pretty happy with it.

Something else I'm happy with? My freezer. I brought back a bunch of meat from home (I stopped at the farm for dinner and some time with my favorite puppy in the whole wide world) on Friday. It seemed like so fucking much, but when I dropped it into the freezer, it didn't look like much of anything.

The same thing happened when I bought what I considered to be "a shitload" of frozen foods at Trader Joe's this week. But it would be only a shitload if I was trying to jam it into my wee kitchen freezer.

While cutting up vegetables for my soup tonight, I started a bag of ... trimmings? The odds and ends of vegetables I would normally throw away. I will save them up until I have enough to make vegetable stock. It's so exciting! Sadly, it really is exciting to me. But I don't care!

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