25 March 2012

Maybe this week will be better.

Earlier today, I was feeling optimistic about the upcoming week. I'm not so sure now. Tomorrow is likely going to suck, but it's possible the rest of the week will be okay. If only because I should be working less with Chicken Little, at least temporarily.

Working today wasn't even really terrible. Don't get me wrong -- working on the weekend after working nearly every night the week prior isn't exactly awesome. But the work was less hateful. I probably could have not worked today, but we're going to already be behind when we start tomorrow, so why not try to mitigate that a little bit?

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, I think. It's kind of a haze. I was exhausted Friday night. The Boy I Currently Like and I went to bed way early -- for us, anyway. Especially for him. We saw a really great Timberwolves game (though, today's was differently good, in that they won). There was more basketball and some other stuff.

I was hoping to apply for a job tonight, but my Sunday night cooking went a bit long. But what can you do? Hopefully I'll have time to apply tomorrow.

Wow. I'm fading pretty quickly here. I think it's time to start getting ready for bed. Guess I'm gonna keep on bein' lame. Whoo!

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