01 March 2012

Fighting a losing battle.

The 'rents are coming to my place on Saturday. This means my mother will criticize my housekeeping skills and make me feel like shit, even though I will have spent the previous three evenings cleaning. Nothing is ever good enough for her.

I didn't exactly invite them or anything. However, they are bringing my freezer up, so I kinda have to let them in. Hopefully, it'll be brief. Actually, I know it will be. We have to get back to the 'burbs for my nephew's second basketball game. That won't stop mom, though.

But whatever. I'll get through it. Then who knows how long it will be before they come again? I make it a point to avoid the situation. No one from my family is welcome here anymore. Why invite people into your home when all they're going to do is bitch about how you need to clean more/better?

The exciting news in all of this is: I'm getting my freezer. I'm on the road to hoarding! I'm starting to get concerned about fuses and the noise it'll make. But I know nothing about it, so why worry now? There's plenty of time to be concerned later.

I think I should stop now, because I've been dizzy since well before I left work. It hasn't gotten any worse or better with wine. Food actually didn't help either. I should probably lay down, huh?

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Anonymous said...

frankly, the dizziness concerns me. any idea WHY you were dizzy in the first place ?