17 March 2012

Crazy Saturday night, y'all.

Hahahahahahahahaha. I'm just kidding. It's St. Patrick's Day, and I'm doing laundry and watching the NCAA tournament.

I'm not a huge fan of an amateur night like tonight. And again -- there is basketball on the TV. There have been some good games today. Nothing like the insanity of yesterday, but better than Thursday.

Plus, I feel kinda lazy, since it's so unseasonably fucking hot. It was 80 degrees in my apartment earlier today. EIGHTY. Oh, it's down to 77 now, and it's 75 outside. I had all of my windows open by 10:00 this morning. It's mid-March. My mind, y'all, she is boggled.

The heat is fucking with my eating patterns. I've not had an actual meal today, and I think that's fucking with my energy level, too. I know I need to eat something, and my fridge is full of food, but I don't want any of it. I kinda want pizza and I have a variety of pizza stuff in my new freezer, but there is no way I will be turning on my oven tonight. So, running over to Pizza Luce is an option, but ... I have food here!

Ugh. White people problems. I'm just pathetic.

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Gia said...

Hahahah I am doing similar things tonight. No laundry - that's for tomorrow. Drinking wine watching bball and writing some blog posts