26 March 2012

Just one day off the mark.

At the gym tonight, I was composing a blog post in my head after seeing some dicks on CNBC saying that the individual mandate included in our health care reform law currently being argued before the Supreme Court was an infringement on personal freedom.

Then I realized that it was the anniversary of the day I started this blog. Except now that I look, it was yesterday. I think coming within a day is pretty damn good, seeing as how that day was SIX FREAKIN' YEARS AGO.

My goodness. Where has the time gone? I suppose where time always goes ... into our pasts. Wow. That was kinda profound. Or something.

It's funny that I was pondering having somehow become a homebody. I've kinda gone crazy in that respect. In that I feel like I rarely go out. Except, of course, I have two different activities this upcoming Saturday night. The warming weather always brings with it More Stuff To Do. And that's a good thing.

Should I be waxing more poetical about my blogiversary? I don't know that there's anything to say that hasn't already been said all the previous years. I can't believe I'm still doing this, I can't believe people still read it ... blah, blah, blah.

I'm totally in a slump right now, what with work being crazy busy because a) we're busy and b) they canned a bunch of people. Having a job that requires me to think at work really cuts in on my blogging time. Being afraid that the slightest wrong thing could get me canned, really cuts into my blogging time. I don't even bother to do it at work. Throw in late working nights or getting home from the gym after 9:00 and I'm sucking at this.

However, with things being cyclical and all that, I feel like I'll come back around and write ... stuff that's not about how much I'm working and how everything sucks. With summer approaching there will be lots of things happening. We have an election on the horizon and really important things happening in the country right now (see: aforementioned Supreme Court case; see also: Trayvon Martin). I have things to say about all of them. I just have to find time to say it.

I have things to say about not shampooing my hair for six weeks. I have exciting cooking stuff to do now that I have my big freezer (I should probably organize it first ... my current method of just dumping things in hasn't been effective, shockingly enough).

Hopefully, I'll be able to talk about a new job I get down the road ... if I ever find time to apply for some.

In the meantime, I'll do my best to not be horribly repetitive and surly/depressed. As always, I can't believe anyone ever read this in the first place, much less anyone is still reading it now. I can't believe I've met so many awesome people through this silly piece of self-indulgence. I can't believe so many people I knew before I started this are reading it.

So, thanks and stuff. Y'all are awesome.

25 March 2012

Maybe this week will be better.

Earlier today, I was feeling optimistic about the upcoming week. I'm not so sure now. Tomorrow is likely going to suck, but it's possible the rest of the week will be okay. If only because I should be working less with Chicken Little, at least temporarily.

Working today wasn't even really terrible. Don't get me wrong -- working on the weekend after working nearly every night the week prior isn't exactly awesome. But the work was less hateful. I probably could have not worked today, but we're going to already be behind when we start tomorrow, so why not try to mitigate that a little bit?

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, I think. It's kind of a haze. I was exhausted Friday night. The Boy I Currently Like and I went to bed way early -- for us, anyway. Especially for him. We saw a really great Timberwolves game (though, today's was differently good, in that they won). There was more basketball and some other stuff.

I was hoping to apply for a job tonight, but my Sunday night cooking went a bit long. But what can you do? Hopefully I'll have time to apply tomorrow.

Wow. I'm fading pretty quickly here. I think it's time to start getting ready for bed. Guess I'm gonna keep on bein' lame. Whoo!

22 March 2012

Exciting news!

Ha! Gotcha. I'm just yankin' your chain. Nothing exciting going on here. I'm just finishing up work at almost 10:30.

Man, I really hope next week gets better. As if this week wasn't bad enough, for whatever reason, the document I worked on ALL DAY yesterday disappeared. It was nowhere to be found. The document I sent to Chicken Little was the document that I sent to myself on Tuesday night, before I left work.

That's weird, because I worked on it that night at home and sent it back to myself. So, the document I opened yesterday just fucking vanished. I managed to find one of two autosaved versions ... from about four hours before I finished working on it (but my Microsoft Word autosaves every 10 minutes!).

So, I recreated about four hours worth of work today, and put in an addition hour. FUN! I still have about an hour's worth of work yet to do on it, and that's before Chicken Little rips it to shreds. Oh dear God. I don't know how I'll get through this. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to be a nightmare. Yay, Friday.

I took a break between working at the office and working at home to go to Herberger's and get some new shoes. My mom had sent me a bunch of their Goodwill coupons and they expired today, so I had to use them! Of course, it turned out that I didn't need them. The dude who rang me up had some sitting there at the register.

The only problem was that they were woefully understaffed for the crowd that was shoe-shopping. The entire process took about an hour. I waited a good 20 minutes to get some shoes to try on, and then waited another 20 or so to get a different size. Delightful.

But now I have two comfortable pairs of sandals for the summer. And I paid less than$150 for two pairs of shoes that were about $100 each. Hoo. Ray.

I'm hoping I get at least Saturday off this weekend. I'm so fucking exhausted. I'm not sure how I'm still functioning at this point.

20 March 2012

Work, work, work.

Wheeee! I skipped the gym tonight so I could work. Fun! Hopefully, this means I won't have to work tomorrow night. Or, I won't have to work as much.

Also, my knees hurt like a motherfucker. A day off probably isn't the worst thing in the world. Though, I could spend yet better.

There was good work news yesterday that I didn't get to, because I didn't manage to write anything. I don't have to work with Chicken Little as intensely. At least temporarily. I was mildly overjoyed when I got that news. So there's that.i

18 March 2012

Hot, tired and hooped out.

I thought it was bad enough that I was tired from watching so much basketball this weekend, but you know it's bad when The Boy I Currently Like says he's ready to go back to work to get away from his TV.

Add in the unseasonable warmth and it has been a weird weekend. I mean, I'm going to go to sleep tonight with windows open. Again. It's March!

Of course, I'm not actually looking forward to going back to my horrible job, but what can you do?

Also, my brackets are in the shitter, as are many others', I'm sure.

17 March 2012

Crazy Saturday night, y'all.

Hahahahahahahahaha. I'm just kidding. It's St. Patrick's Day, and I'm doing laundry and watching the NCAA tournament.

I'm not a huge fan of an amateur night like tonight. And again -- there is basketball on the TV. There have been some good games today. Nothing like the insanity of yesterday, but better than Thursday.

Plus, I feel kinda lazy, since it's so unseasonably fucking hot. It was 80 degrees in my apartment earlier today. EIGHTY. Oh, it's down to 77 now, and it's 75 outside. I had all of my windows open by 10:00 this morning. It's mid-March. My mind, y'all, she is boggled.

The heat is fucking with my eating patterns. I've not had an actual meal today, and I think that's fucking with my energy level, too. I know I need to eat something, and my fridge is full of food, but I don't want any of it. I kinda want pizza and I have a variety of pizza stuff in my new freezer, but there is no way I will be turning on my oven tonight. So, running over to Pizza Luce is an option, but ... I have food here!

Ugh. White people problems. I'm just pathetic.

16 March 2012

Watching basketball is hard work.

Or so you might think, if you had any idea how exhausted I am right now, after watching 12ish hours of hoops yesterday and today.

I had to work nearly a full day yesterday, so I didn't watch the early games all that closely. At the time, and even at the end of the night, I felt cheated, because there really weren't any compelling games. Sure, UNLV had a big comeback against Colorado. And I still think Syracuse won solely because the refs allowed them to win. But overall, it was a pretty fucking boring day.

Tuesday was technically the opening day of the tournament, what with this being the second year of the "First Four." And those games were fucking crazy. Of course, the announcers RUINED EVERYTHING by saying those games featuring double-digit comebacks were harbingers of what was to come for the tournament. So, of course yesterday's games were lame.

Thankfully, today was BANANAS. Mizzou's lost fucked up my brackets, but Duke losing made that not matter a single fucking bit. I did a good deal of maniacal laughing earlier this evening. Sure, I wish things were a bit more even, but at least I didn't have to work today.

I have two more days of basketball to watch this weekend. I feel bad I don't have St. Pat's plans, but I'll be drinking, so that's really all that matters, right?

Jesus. I'm so fucking tired. Less than 7:00 left in the Wolves game. I should be able to be in bed before midnight. Whooooooo! Vacation! Friday night!

14 March 2012


You know things are unpleasant when a workout and booze can't bring you out of your funk.

We had a meeting today on how we're going to handle our workload now that we've been "rightsized." First of all, BARF. But that's not where the corporate-speak ended. There was revenue and billable and blah, blah, blah.

The best part was our boss saying, over and over again, "I was just doing what I was told to do," "I did what I had to do," "They told me I had to do this and do it now ..."

I wonder if he really thought about, or could hear, what he was saying.

Result of the meeting? Whole lot of nothing, mostly. Oh, I have to work tomorrow when I'm supposed to be off. And possibly Friday. Though, I'm hoping to work Sunday instead of Friday. That means I can't get the time back, though. Who am I kidding? I'm not going to get my full vacation/holiday/non-work time this year. I haven't yet. And that was before we got rid of more people than probably necessary.

Everything just seems so fucking short-sighted. But then again, they don't fucking care. All they care about is profit.

I really have to stop thinking about this and drink some more. At least I only work a half day (probably) and I'll be at home with my windows open, enjoying the lovely weather.


12 March 2012

Not finished yet.

As it turns out, the carnage was not finished last week when a bunch of my colleagues were canned. There was one more today.

The delightful thing about this is that before I found out, I read an e-mail from the boss about what a great month we had in February. So, of course, you need to hamstring us. The news also came as I found out a coworker was out for two days for a wake and funeral. While two other coworkers were also out.

I just don't see how we can do all of our work with the people we have. There's a meeting about just that tomorrow. It'll be interesting. And probably horrible.

The chances of my being able to take Thursday and Friday off to watch basketball are getting more slim. Of course. Because why should I be able to take my vacation time?


11 March 2012

The most wonderful time of the year.

I feel like I can face work this week for two reasons: Chicken Little is out of the office tomorrow and cannot bother me (though, he will find a way, I'm sure) and I'm out Thursday and Friday for NCAA HOOPS ACTION.

Oh, also? Unseasonable warmth has taken Minnesota by storm. I had my first deck beer yesterday; I still have windows open right now, at 10:23 p.m. on March ... whatever date it is. That's crazy, y'all. And it's supposed to get to 70 by mid-week. SEVENTY DEGREES. Holy shit. Of course, the office will be hot as balls. Gotta remember that when deciding what to wear.

Coincidentally, I've been sneezing all day and my nose has been running constantly. Yay, extended spring allergy season!

I believe I promised some updates ... hair and freezer? My life -- it's riveting, y'all.

Got my hair did on Friday and The Stylist whole-heartedly approves of my decision to go no 'poo. She didn't even have to shampoo my hair after coloring it -- it was squeaky clean. And I mean that literally. I could hear and feel my hair squeaking.

She thought my curls looked better; that my hair was in fact curlier. It's still super soft and for some reason, it doesn't tangle anywhere near as much as it did before I went no 'poo. My hair took the color better than it did last time and my color should last longer.

I'm still working on finding the right product(s) or mix of products, but I'm really pretty happy with it.

Something else I'm happy with? My freezer. I brought back a bunch of meat from home (I stopped at the farm for dinner and some time with my favorite puppy in the whole wide world) on Friday. It seemed like so fucking much, but when I dropped it into the freezer, it didn't look like much of anything.

The same thing happened when I bought what I considered to be "a shitload" of frozen foods at Trader Joe's this week. But it would be only a shitload if I was trying to jam it into my wee kitchen freezer.

While cutting up vegetables for my soup tonight, I started a bag of ... trimmings? The odds and ends of vegetables I would normally throw away. I will save them up until I have enough to make vegetable stock. It's so exciting! Sadly, it really is exciting to me. But I don't care!

08 March 2012

You can go ahead and be done now, week.

*Insert heavy sigh here*

Man, I really wanted -- no, needed -- to go to yoga tonight. But of course, it was cancelled. Then something else lame or unpleasant happened ... Oh. My gym bag broke as I was walking out of the gym. Yeah, none of this is the end of the world or anything. It's just lameness on top of a stupid, shitty week.

I worked until 7:00 tonight, which kinda blew. But I get to leave tomorrow at 1:00. I'm getting my hair did and then I get to hang out for a bit with THE PUPPY. That'll all be nice after having a fucking deadline and shit tomorrow.

Probably I should be getting to bed soon. I'm tired and I have a deadline tomorrow. There were all kinds of things I intended to write about this week -- a hair update, a freezer update ... maybe other things. Perhaps I'll get to that this weekend. Or next week.

07 March 2012

New normal.

Work was weird today. It was so quiet. I'm sure the fact that we had extra people in the office Monday and Tuesday and today had not only the extra people gone (or at least shut up in a room on the far side of the office), but some of the regulars gone as well, contributed to the weirdness.

I seem to be taking this a lot harder than I would have imagined. But one of my favorite people in the office is gone now. That's a hit you feel.

But I managed to not only get through the day, but to get work done. I went to the gym and did things as normal tonight. That felt good.

I really should have been applying for jobs tonight, but I got home late and spent a chunk of my evening on the phone with The Boy I Currently Like. So, I didn't get it done. Poop. I started painting my toenails late, too, so I'm gonna have to stay up to let them dry. Man, I'm fuckin' shit up left and right tonight.

06 March 2012

Shitty, shitty day.

I thought today was going suck when I spilled half a bottle of thyroid pills all over my floor shortly after dragging my ass out of bed this.

But man, I had no idea just how sucky things would get.

We were supposed to have a big meeting at 10:30 this morning. We gathered, but nothing happened. The person doing the meeting said we'd reconvene in an hour or something. On our way back to our desks, we found out two colleagues had been canned.

There was incredulity first. Then the panic set in. When all was said and done, three people in our office and two sales guys were let go. Our meeting was pushed back several times over two hours to allow all this to happen. Then we got Jimmy John's. Seriously?

It seemed to be handled pretty much as poorly as possible. Not that there is a good way to do these things, but this seemed ... just bad. We didn't know the carnage was over until the meeting was finally started. It was horrible. None of us got anything done. I couldn't concentrate and we were all talking back and forth all day. That's why I just finished working about 10 minutes ago.

Who knows what will happen now? I know there will be more work, because there are fewer people to do the work we have. No one knows how things will shake out in the end; not even those in charge. That's comforting. I don't see how I won't feel like I'm on edge constantly.

Things are going to be weird at the office now. It's really depressing. I just feel fucking drained right now. I'm exhausted.

04 March 2012

Decision affirmed.

The 'rents brought my Brand New Chest Freezer on Saturday. I was agonizing about it all Friday. Would it blow a fuse? Would my mom freak out about the state of my apartment? There were probably other things. But I was tired and all that, so I really can't remember.

Crap. This is going to take me forever to write. I just started watching Psycho. This movie is so terrible, awesome and creepy all at the same time.

Frighteningly enough, my mom didn't say a peep about how clean or not clean my place was/is. Well, she said something about the dust on my ceiling fan blades, but that's really not bad. And she just asked if I had one of those long-handled Swiffer things. I explained to her my whole program for cleaning those things (I have really high ceilings) and that was that.

Getting the freezer into my room wasn't exactly easy, but Dad and I did it. Mostly Dad. He's a clever one. Though, he did run the bumper of the truck into a tree while trying to back it up to my deck. No one's perfect. 

It doesn't look too bad, does it? When I finally plugged it in, it was a bit noisy, but that quit pretty quickly. If I needed any affirmation that I made the right decision, it came tonight when I tried to put new ice cube trays in my regular freezer. I just got them at Target and THEY DIDN'T FUCKING FIT. 

Fortunately, I was able to make room to put them sideways by moving even more stuff to the deep freeze. So, this was the correct decision. And I'm really excited about the possibilities and stuff.

Though, I'm a bit concerned that my mom now seems to be wanting me to fill it full of stuff.

Christ. Here it is, 11:00 and I'm not even done in the kitchen. I finished cooking. I made leek potato soup, dill cheddar corn muffins and steel cut oats. I washed all the dishes, too. I just need to put everything away. I'll be able to freeze some of the muffins! That's so exciting. 

I should really get to bed. I'm going to the Timberwolves game tomorrow with Macho Man. I'm VERY EXCITED. 

01 March 2012

Fighting a losing battle.

The 'rents are coming to my place on Saturday. This means my mother will criticize my housekeeping skills and make me feel like shit, even though I will have spent the previous three evenings cleaning. Nothing is ever good enough for her.

I didn't exactly invite them or anything. However, they are bringing my freezer up, so I kinda have to let them in. Hopefully, it'll be brief. Actually, I know it will be. We have to get back to the 'burbs for my nephew's second basketball game. That won't stop mom, though.

But whatever. I'll get through it. Then who knows how long it will be before they come again? I make it a point to avoid the situation. No one from my family is welcome here anymore. Why invite people into your home when all they're going to do is bitch about how you need to clean more/better?

The exciting news in all of this is: I'm getting my freezer. I'm on the road to hoarding! I'm starting to get concerned about fuses and the noise it'll make. But I know nothing about it, so why worry now? There's plenty of time to be concerned later.

I think I should stop now, because I've been dizzy since well before I left work. It hasn't gotten any worse or better with wine. Food actually didn't help either. I should probably lay down, huh?