27 February 2012

Work and weather.

As if work and weather weren't bad enough on their own, they can combine to make your life even more miserable!

Work is bad enough on its own. Things are not good at the office. There have been a lot of changes and we haven't heard any sort of reassurances that "Oh no, things are fine," or "We'll be honest -- things aren't good." We've gotten nothing more than this is what is happening with this thing right now. 

Communication was poor before, but now that our big boss is gone, it's worse. My boss (who is now nearly everyone's boss) is good about communication, but he's been more corporate-y lately. Probably because he got a promotion. 

The one good thing about all of this is the fact that Chicken Little is likely going to be the boss of all the researchers. I feel bad for them, because they'll have to work with him. I feel good for me, because they'll take some of the fire. I really don't know how that turns out well, though. Some of these people have been here 15-20 or more years and haven't had a middle man boss. Now they're going to have one? And one that micromanages at that? I know people don't like change, but damn. That might be a bit much.

As for the weather ... we have something coming. Over the past several days, snow total estimates have ranged from one inch to 20 inches. Even over the course of today, it's ranged from two inches to a foot. Not to mention the possibility of ice pellets and heavy rain -- to the point of street flooding. Yeah. It's impossible to plan for it. 

I'm trying to plan for going to the office or staying home tomorrow. I'm sure I'm failing. Whatever happens, we really need the precipitation, so I guess I'm glad for that. 

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