15 February 2012

So wiped out.

So, I worked until 12:30 last night, with a break in there to have a quick workout. Thank goodness I hit the gym, or I would have been completely batshit insane. As KayGee said tonight, my head would have blown off. Possibly literally.

Chicken Little strikes again. He budgeted for this project before he knew what it would really be. His time budget shrank over the course of a day or so, as well. Either way, he was SO FAR OFF. I'm well over double what he thought (possibly with the aid of crack)  it would take to do this project and I still have a bit to do. I was so busy today, I barely ate or drank anything. Bonus, though: I didn't have to use the nasty bathrooms very much. I did take a few minutes to talk to the building management lady after she came to our office after I e-mailed her about the TOILET OVERFLOW on our floor (second in as many days).

The work is gonna have to wait until the morning, though. I'm so tired. I've tried to finish this post for quite a while and it ain't happening.

I'm not upset for missing out on V-D yesterday. The Boy I Currently Like and I don't celebrate. It's the day my grandma was killed in a car accident; it's been 15 years now. Plus, my birthday is just a few days away. I felt like maybe this year I was less emotional in the days leading up to the anniversary of Grandma's death, but I've cried a few times over the last three days or so. Who knows?

Tomorrow I am working from home. In the morning before my dentist appointment, anyway (this week just keeps getting better!). I think I might work from home all day, though. I need the quiet and non-distraction.

Other things:

Got new glasses tonight with KayGee. We were efficient and picked out a great pair. I'm sad I have to wait as much as 10 days for them.

Gonna see how long I can go without washing my hair. I'm still going to condition it. But it looks so good by day four/five, I have to give it a shot. It might end up being a hot mess, but I can always put it up. That's what I'd do if it was freshly washed.

There were probably more things, but I am tired and should really go to bed.

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