22 February 2012


So, I couldn't find someone to go to the Wolves game with me tonight. I was supposed to go with KayGee, but she skipped town. I suppose I could have tried a smidge harder to find someone, but the people I actually asked were late-ish in getting back to me and, of course, I had to work lateish today.

I missed probably the best comeback of the year. I did to see the Gophers beating the No. 6 Michigan State Spartans for a bit. But, of course, they blew it at the very end.

Oh well. I got my new glasses and got to the gym. I won't feel so bad about possibly skipping my workout tomorrow night to make a cake for The Boy I Currently Like's birthday. I have to wrap his presents, too. Shit. I should get on some of this stuff, I suppose.

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