09 February 2012

Please get here soon, Friday.

I considered working at home tomorrow, since they're going to be "deep cleaning and sanitizing" the bathrooms tomorrow. However, since they're only going to be closed from 5:00 a.m. until noon, I figure that they won't be hosed down with bleach and set on fire. So, I don't see how they'll actually be sanitizing it.

Still, I figure the nasty skanks who have had no problem using it EVERY DAY since the black stinking water incident will have no problem using it right after it is "sanitized." I don't see how they don't have to deep clean the halls and that office, since those "Ladies" have been tracking sewage water all over the damn place all fucking week.

Oh well. I'll get through the day. Then it's on to Simpsons Scene It night, PUPPY TIME and birthday drinking for a friend.

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