04 February 2012

Oh, no, I didn't need a weekend anyway.

This is the weekend that wasn't. I was up at 6:15 this morning (which is earlier than I get up to go to fucking work) to get out to the exurbs to help my brother and sister-in-law move. It was just us, my mom and dad and her mom and step-dad. Oh, her brother was there to help unload for about 90 minutes. Nothing like not having any friends to help, jerks. And I didn't even get offered a beer for my hard work (the moms didn't do a whole hell of a lot, because mine is, let's face it -- getting up there and hers may or may not have a bad back).

I fucking beat my parents there, first of all. I mean, they had further to go, but I'm notoriously late for things that start before noon on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm early for everything else, but if it is before noon on a weekend, I will be at least 15 minutes late.

Man, it was a long day with lots of up-and-down stairs. I drove about 200 miles in less than 24-hours (about 90 percent of those miles happened in the last 12 hours). Oh, I got a "break." I took my mom to my nephew's basketball game. That was it's own special kind of hell. I also spent a good little bit of time freezing my ass off, trying to get the puppy to pee/poop. Yes, that was the saving grace of today -- I got to see the puppy. And she was so excited to see me! That made me ridiculously happy.

So, it was a long day. I'm exhausted. I was in bed before 11:30 last night. If I make it to 11:00 tonight, I think it will be a miracle.

That's good, though, because I have to work tomorrow. Oh yes. I have to work on Super Bowl Sunday. This marks three Super Bowl Sundays in a row that I have to work. The first, I worked through the first half. Last year, I managed to finish in time to get up to a bar a few blocks away to watch the game with friends. I honestly don't know where tomorrow will fit on that continuum. But if I'm up early ('cause I'm almost certainly crashing early), I can get to the gym and start working early.

Who the fuck knows. It's just so goddamn depressing. I worked late most nights this week and I don't get a day off until next weekend.

I'm gonna go watch the videos I took of Sadie to make me feel better. At least it's only a week before I see her spazzy, furry face again.

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Gia said...

Ick, what an annoying day! Sorry you had to do all that. Least you got some puppy lovin'!