07 February 2012

Nastiest nasty work bathroom yet?

Oh dear God, y'all. Every time you think you've seen the lowest of the lows, things get worse.

I've been avoiding the bathroom on my floor for about three weeks. There were just too damn many toilet overflows. The carpet gets soaked and I don't see how it ever really gets dry. It's not like there's a lot of air moving in there or anything. The mold and mildew have to be absolutely heinous.

The bathroom one floor up is marginally better. It seems to get a bit less traffic and they have nice toilet paper. Until they put the new paper towel dispensers in, it was still a mess of bits of paper toweling, but if that's the worst of it, meh.

That appeared to be the worst of it. Until today, anyway.

On my first visit to the bathroom upstairs, I saw that both sinks were full of standing water. Really full. So, I went back downstairs, did my thing and e-mailed the management company. She said they were "checking them out."

I don't know what they did, but three or four hours later, the sinks in the women's bathroom on three floors (ours included) had overflowed black, reeking water. The carpets were soaked. And there was the stink.

AWESOME. The building is six floors. Options include going up three (or four) or going down one (or two, to the basement). Shit rolls downhill, so we figured going up was the best bet. Plus, the lower floors have much more traffic (though, thinking about it now, it's more passing foot traffic than people actually working on those floors).

So, I go up three floors, four or five times this afternoon (I pee so damn much). It's not all that great for my knees, especially after all the up-and-down I did with the moving on Saturday. And my right knee isn't quite back to 100 percent after my little tumble.

There were stalls without toilet paper. The floor looked as if there had recently been a toilet overflow. One of the stalls had blood and/or feces smeared on the wall. But, as far as I know, the carpet wasn't soaked with black, stinking sewage water. So there's that.

As if I wasn't depressed and disheartened enough by the actual work situation, there's this on top of everything else. I just don't know what to do, y'all.

I don't know how so goddamn many people who have no idea how to use a bathroom manage to hold down jobs. The paper towels and toilet paper all over the floor are one thing, but continuously clogging and overflowing toilets, yapping on your phones, smearing blood and feces on walls, knocking tampon receptacles on the floor, not flushing your shit-filled toilets, vomiting everywhere, shitting and pissing on toilet seats, leaving your tampons/pads/used catheters on the floor ... If you think that's okay, how do you manage to work in an office?


Gia said...

OHhh grossssssssssss :(

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with Gia - SERIOUSLY GROSS !


Jess said...

Yeah, it's beyond disgusting.