08 February 2012

It's exactly as bad as I thought it was.

One of my coworkers decided to e-mail the building manager today, about the horrible state of the bathrooms. Her response confirmed pretty much everything I'd thought.

Out of all the bathrooms in two buildings (14, I believe), ours is the worst. The "ladies" on our floor have some sort of problem knowing what kinds of things are appropriate to flush down a toilet. I've heard how much toilet paper they use. I also know they use paper towels.

Sadly, it's not really all that surprising (for so many reasons) that someone tried to flush her underpants down the toilet last week. Shockingly, this caused a major toilet overflow (different from all of the carpet-soaking "minor" overflows that happen on a weekly or daily basis).

Apparently, there's a company coming on Friday to deep clean/sterilize our bathroom and a few others. I think the carpet needs to be ripped out, but what do I know?

I kinda wish I could see the e-mails she sends to powers that be about their employees. I would be out of my goddamn mind about how much money they cost the management company.

Of course, all the sterilizing and deep cleaning won't mean shit when then next disgusting fucking moron tries to flush her underpants down toilet.

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Anonymous said...

i gotta say, Jess, that i've never worked in, or heard of, people who misuse the facilities quite like your experience. unless you're just the only one to actually TALK about it. seriously, that is NASTY.