26 February 2012

It begins again.

Here it is, another Sunday night. I'm staring down the barrel of another work week. BOOOO.

There was a lot of stuff happening this weekend. I lavished The Boy I Currently Like with early birthday presents. I went to three of my nephew's basketball games. I baked banana bread, made stir fry  .... did some other stuff that isn't coming to me right now.

I was delighted to watch KLOVE win the three-point contest last night. The rest of the NBA All-Star festivities were not everything I hoped they'd be, but what can you do?

The no 'poo experiment continues to be awesome. I did my first baking soda wash yesterday, and it was better than I expected. My hair seems to have a bit more texture after that. Aside from no having the perfect product(s), it's kind of everything I hoped it would be.

There is one thing bothering me, though -- the amount of hair I appear to lose when I "wash" it. Honestly, it looks like a small animal around my drain trap. Maybe I just need to be more gentle?

Hopefully I'll be getting to bed soon. I was up at 7:30 this morning to go to my nephew's basketball game. I should be tired. Gotta get ready for the possible MAJOR SNOW EVENT coming Tuesday-Wednesday. Yay?

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