16 February 2012

Here's hoping Birthday Eve improves.

Oh my sweet Jebus. I had this crazy idea that working at home today would be better than the last couple of days. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I was wrong.

I barely managed to get some breakfast and get my teeth brushed before heading to the dentist. I had to eat lunch (a fucking cold Lean Pocket) as quietly as humanly possible while on a conference call with coworkers. I sat and worked so long without getting up that my ass still hurts.

And like an idiot, I then made a birthday cake to share with my coworkers. Though, they're not the ones making my life miserable.

Here I am, again, taking forever to write this damn post. My head is throbbing. I still have to make some ganache for the cake. I know I'm tired, but I don't think I am ready for bed yet. Christ, it's only 8:10. I'm hungry, but eating anything in this house seems terrible. I kinda want to order pizza, but I know I'll be eating out a lot of the weekend. OH MY GOD. Why can't I just decide to do something? Or go to bed?

I just want this week to be over. It has sucked such big, hairy donkey balls.

But hey -- at least I got to pee in non-horrible bathrooms today. Even the gym bathroom was better than the nasty work bathroom.


Gia said...

Aww I'm sorry your day sucked! Happy Birthday eve!

Jess said...

Birthday Eve is actually tomorrow, but thank you! I see how that was confusatory.

Today ended up being not entirely terrible. I just made a ganache that didn't break. I think I have been fucking up by using 60 or whatever percent cacao chips instead of semisweet chips. Sometimes fancier isn't better.

Anonymous said...

it's been so long, but i think i remember. when i make ganache, i use ghirardelli bars of chocolate, not chips. i don't know if that makes any difference or not, but i've never had a problem with it.
happy birthday.