21 February 2012

An exciting new adventure.

No, I don't have a new job. I'm not moving. Nothing major like that. It's not actually exciting to most people. But it's exciting to me.

I'm joining the "no 'poo" movement. That's right -- I'm giving up shampoo.

EW. Gross! And so on. Look -- I was down to shampooing twice a week at most already. I have been doing that for a while. My hair is naturally curly. It's pretty fine (3a/3b, for those of you who speak curly), but I have a lot of it. When I wash, it's so ... it needs so much help. It used to be that the day after washing was the great day. But now, it's the day before washing. I went an extra day this week and liked my hair. I went another day and still liked it.

Yesterday, not so great, but that's because I didn't put any product in it. See, when you're no-pooing, you can't use products with "cones." That's silicone and any form of silicone. It builds up and you need shampoo to wash it off (the girl at Aveda today told me that all their stuff was water soluble, but most of the styling products had cones, so I decided against anything), and I'm not using shampoo.

I still don't know exactly which method I'll use. Some people cleanse with oil. There's baking soda/apple cider vinegar method. I'm trying washing with conditioner first. My results so far have been good, at least in the smelly scalp area. With working out most days, even the washing-twice-per-week thing would lead to a smelly scalp. However, I did the washing-with-conditioner thing (just like you would with shampoo) and the stinky scalp was gone. Sweet!

The thing that concerns me most is going through the product trial-and-error phase. My hair is just too fine to not use product at all. Not to mention the uneven curl pattern I have -- from spirals in some places, to very subtle waves in other places. I need some help to even things out and to control all my fine little flyways.

So, today I ordered a bunch of products from CurlMart (all silicone-free, of course). I also grabbed some Jason Naturals gel at Whole Foods as a stop-gap solution. Based on how my hair looked today with essentially no product, it feels like with just a touch of help it could look great.

I'm sure I'll have updates sooner or later. I'm getting my hair did in just more than two weeks, so it'll get washed then. I'm wondering if I should wash it now, since I have silicone-y products in it. I guess I'll see how it is in a couple of days.


angelsroy33 said...

I have been doing the 'no poo' thing for years now, and it helps a little. I have very thick curly and wavy hair too. Down here in South Florida tho, the humidity gets to my hair, and i have to use a lot of product, otherwise I'd look like a big frizzball. Trust me, I need SOMETHING in my hair. And I do what you mentioned,...the conditioner wash like shampoo. Yup,...it works for me. I guess everyone just has to find what works for them,-ya know?

Jess said...

It's always great to hear how it's working for others. Thanks!

I need product for frizz control and definition, so I can't skip it, either. I need to put the gel on my hair when it's wetter, I think. I just didn't get it dispersed well enough today.

On the other hand, my hair is so freakin' soft. That's the trade-off for me, usually. If it's soft, I have weird straight-ish spots and a little frizz halo. If my curls are more even and well-defined, it's not that soft.

I shall remain a work in progress.