22 January 2012

Sunday, Sunday.

In the tune of the Mamas and Papas "Monday, Monday."

Oh, I thought I was better today. I got nearly 10 hours of sleep last night. I felt pretty goddamn good this morning when I got up (late). After a little coffee, I was READY TO GO. Well, mostly. I decided to postpone my visit to Ulta in the 'burbs to use my 20 percent off coupon. I have until Saturday to spend that money, for fuck's sake.

Even after getting quarters and hitting Penzey's on my way to the gym, I was feeling like I could conquer the day and do all kinds of stuff. I was going to make cinnamon rolls and soup and maybe bread. I was gonna do laundry and ... probably some other stuff. I can't really remember what my mental day looked like at this point.

Then I went to the gym. Oh, I had big plans for that, too. I was gonna do at least 50 minutes of cardio and lift weights. Note: I hadn't been to the gym since Monday and I've been sick since Monday. Apparently, I'm an optimist?

My 20-minutes on the treadmill to warm up were encouraging. I didn't have a coughing fit or anything until I started my brief cooldown. My lungs were kinda on fire, but the important thing was that I wasn't coughing. Then, about halfway through my weights, it hit me. Holy crap. I wanted to just crawl up under a bench and sleep.

I managed to finish lifting and stretching and bailed on the 30 minutes on the elliptical. After getting home, it took me 90 minutes to eat something, chop up a few things for my slow-cooker split pea soup, do a few dishes and shower. It shouldn't have taken anywhere near that long. There would be no baking. Laundry had to get done, but at least I could lay on the couch between trips to the basement.

Why I thought I could just bounce back like nothing happened from this cold is beyond me. I mean, I'm still coughing and congested. I had that dizzy, foggy-headed feeling while I was out and about today. That should have been a sign. I am getting better, though. If I do things right this week, I should be at 100 percent in another week, if not before.

My Sunday night feels a bit odd, what with the slow-cooker split pea soup going. I'm drinking my Sunday night wine, but I'm not doing anything! I do have some chicken sausage to cook up quick for my breakfasts this week. And some almonds to toast. If I'm really looking for something to do, I could get another sink of dishes washed. I don't know that I'm looking for that much work, though.

I wish I'd looked at the forecast for today/tomorrow before I left work. I left my work laptop in the office and we're supposed to get an inch or two of snow overnight and a bit more during the day. This is on top of the freezing drizzle we had all day (part of my reason to avoid going anywhere outside the 'hood today). It's fairly similar to the situation on Friday, where we had an inch or so of snow and like, 300-some accidents in the metro area. I'm not even going to complain about the fact that this is MINNESOTA and we get snow. Thankfully, I can take side streets and get to work in 20-25 minutes. It ain't no thang.

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