05 January 2012

The short weeks are always the longest.

I'm fairly certain this is universally true. The effect is amplified if you're coming back from several days off work. It's a bunch of bullshit. That's what it is.

The stupid thing is I'm not even really busy this week. I'm trying to embrace that, because over the last couple of years, I've worked far more than I needed to in order to meet my billable goals and all that. I mean, I gave back vacation time last year and the year before that.

And I didn't get much of a reward for doing that last year. I doubt it'll get much or any better this year. But I'm still starting to get a bit concerned because, I haven't had much work to do. What if I don't meet my goal? What if we're slowing down too much? GAH.

Thankfully, I made it to yoga tonight and none of that matters much right now. I went to the late class and it wasn't too crowded. The class right before was crazy full, though. It was full to the point that the instructor had to change her routine, because there wasn't enough room for people to do some poses.

By the time I got to the gym at 7:30, there were a few machines open. Well, ellpitical machines, anyway. It looked like there was a line for the treadmills. One delightful thing I noticed was a large white board on an easel right in front of the treadmills reiterating the "20 minute limit on cardio equipment while people are waiting," message that is posted in plenty of other places in the gym. There was even a helpful hint to run uphill or faster with your shortened time.

Not that anyone is going to heed the message (besides me and a few others), but I appreciate the effort.

I actually dozed briefly during Savasana. It's nice to be that relaxed (also that tired). Though, I'm a bit concerned because I felt like I was super wide-awake after that. I'm hoping this wine helps me calm down and get to sleep at a reasonable hour ...


Gia said...

ugh, this week felt extra long for me because I didn't have Monday off. Womp womp...it should be friday. I'm protesting by treating today as friday by staying up too late and drinking too much wine.

Jess said...

Your plan sounds foolproof!