17 January 2012

Non-stop snot machine.

Holy Jesus. I swear I have not stopped sneezing or blowing my nose all. damn. day.

Oh, I was getting so haughty about my lack of a cold or any other ailment ALL WINTER. Then, we get a sick sales guy in the office last week and I have a wine-soaked, sleep-deprived weekend and I end up sick. Dammit all to hell.

I shouldn't have even been at the office today, probably. But Chicken Little was out, so I had to be there. Tomorrow will be a different story. I'm definitely working from home (I sneeze a bit less here), and maybe even TAKING A SICK DAY. I know. It sounds so fancy and decadent.

Probably I should go to bed now. Hopefully I'll sleep until my alarm goes off, unlike today, when I woke up a good hour or 90 minutes earlier. Seriously? C'mon!


Gia said...

Ick! Feel better.

Jess said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add the "totally gross" disclaimer on this post.

Thanks, though. There's less snot today, so that's a plus.