23 January 2012


I stopped in to Trader Joe's on my way to the gym tonight and they had their boxed wine in stock! YES!

The last time I managed to get some was in November. Or maybe October. I think they said they would get some in November, and I never managed to get in there when they had it (I wasn't getting to the St. Louis Park gym location much yet then).

I have been popping in now at least weekly, since I have to drive by on my way to the gym. Oh, they had the boxes of white, but fuck that shit. I wanted the red. And there it was today -- a massive pile of it in the middle of the wine shop. Thank you, Jebus!

The guy who rang me up said it was much better than the second shipment. I really liked the first boxes I bought. When I got some the second time around, I thought maybe it was just me tasting it anew and getting over the idea of "OMG, $9.99 for a WHOLE BOX OF WINE!" He noted that the second batch was lacking in flavor, so maybe it wasn't just me? He said the new batch was so good, he was going to buy a case. Of boxes of wine.

I only grabbed two boxes, for a number of reasons. I only had two hands. I probably needed to try it first, to make sure it was okay. And I'm going to drive by tomorrow. I had half a glass (I have an open bottle from last night -- that shit'll go bad, unlike the box) and it was as good as I remembered my very first box being. I will buy more tomorrow!

That's assuming I make it to the gym. Goddamn, I am sore today. I only did a normal workout yesterday, and I'd only taken six days off. Maybe it's because I'm still sick? But I don't really mind being sore. It reminds me I have muscles and makes me feel all strong and shit.

So, onward and upward, to more weights and wine tomorrow.

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Gia said...

Oh I looooove TJ wine. Well, TJ in general. You may have convinced me to go there tomorrow.