03 January 2012

It could have gone better.

Going back to the grind wasn't as delightful as you might have thought it would be today. Oh wait, no one in their right mind would expect going back to real life after several days off would be delightful.

The actual work part of work was fine. I'm working on something for my boss and it's not terribly pressing. Though, I want to have it done tomorrow. Fortunately, I don't have anything else going on yet. That's troublesome, as it turns out. 'Cause, while I'm not an attorney, I still have to get a certain amount of billable hours per month. But I have to remember that it is highly likely everything will even out over the course of the year.

Other work things were considerably more awful. The bathroom was a nightmare -- stalls without toilet paper, yet toilet paper all over the floors. There was plenty of paper toweling all over the floor, too. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

I'm so not nearly ready for bed. I didn't get home tonight until well after 9:00. Didn't get into the shower until about 10:30. In that time, I somehow managed to slosh recently-boiled water down my front while mixing up some tuna salad. I'm not terribly burned or anything. It's just that hurts-when-I-get-hot-water-on-it thing going on. Still. Goddammit.

Since it was so late, I didn't bother doing dishes. A sink full of dirty dishes stresses me out, but it was getting so late. And it's not like the sink is completely full.

My trip to the co-op to get the rest of my supplies for my tuna salad was a bit stressful, as I was SO FUCKING HUNGRY. Of course, once I get a chance to eat, I have a turkey stick and a couple of multigrain chips. This is why my fridge needs to be full of food. Sometimes I hate myself so much.

Thankfully, as I'm sitting here typing, I'm starting to get tired. So maybe I won't be up all night. The gym wasn't terrible tonight, but all the treadmills were full at like, 8:20. That's late. The 7:45 yoga class was packed to the gills. I hope the Thursday version is less busy.

Here's to the continued reintegration to the working world getting better tomorrow.

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angelsroy33 said...

I'm getting ready to get back into the rat race today as I write you. Not looking forward to it, and all the other at home stresses that start. You are not alone,...