16 January 2012

Isn't it ironic?

I got into work this morning (yeah) and opened my e-mail to find a breathless missive from the CEO announcing an exciting new thing! A day off for volunteering; to help us engage in service to the community. On the National Day of Service. When we're working. Seriously? Did no one see the irony there?

Sure, I'm annoyed that I had to work today when it seemed like everyone else had the day off. I know that's not fully true. I can count on nearly two hands the number of people I knew of who were also at work. THAT'S CRAZY.

The thing is, though, we get President's Day off. Why would we get that if we don't get Martin Luther King Day off? A coworker and I were talking about it and he phrased it pretty well -- today, for people of our generation and those around us -- it's so much closer and actually means something to many of us. I know lots of my coworkers were alive when Dr. King was assassinated. And his message certainly resonates with most of us.

It just seems wrong to honor the old, dead white guys while we treat today like any other work day. I'd rather we work both days if we have to work today. I don't understand it.

Then to throw this "Day of Service" thing out on today of all days ... it just feels so wrong. If they're so intent on us using a day for community service, why not give us today off, but only if we participate in a service project? Apparently group service projects need approval. So, we can go out and do a single day of service on our own. But building team spirit by doing good work? Not bloody likely, motherfuckers. And since we're all always so successful about taking vacation days, I'm sure scheduling a day of volunteering is going to work out great.

I'm certainly going to try to take my day. Pro-Choice Resources often has volunteer opportunities during the day that I can't do, so maybe I'll take a shift at the State Fair, or do some data entry. But we can't do anything political. I wonder what they consider "political." Maybe I'll work at my polling place this year ...

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Gia said...

See, I don't get presidents day, just MLK. But I don't mind, I'd rather have this one...