09 January 2012

Hair today ...

Is that the right "hair" for the joke? Or is it "hare?" I can't remember the fucking joke. Oh wait, is it "Little Rabbit Foo Foo?"

Whatever. I got my hair did today. That's what this is all about. That means a 150-mile round trip of driving, but a very affordable cut, color and eyebrow wax in between. Today, it also meant an afternoon off work on a sunny, unseasonably warm day. So, I think I win!

It's always lovely to see The Stylist, and she does a great job on my hair. Since she apparently had time today, she did my hair after the color and cut. She straightened it and then put a few big, fat curls back in.

She was lovely to do so, 'cause I was meeting my parents for dinner right after my appointment. Today is my mom's birthday, so I took them out to dinner. HELLS YEAH.

Of course, my dad actually noticed my hair tonight. I can think of one other occasion where that happened. I got a horrible, terrible, god-fucking-awful cut at the Aveda advanced training institute. Both my dad and my brother commented on my hair. Oh, it was awful. But tonight, my dad just noticed that it was shorter. Not that it was straight, but the whopping handful of times I've had my hair straightened, very few people have noticed. Still, I'm impressed dad noticed my hair was shorter at all.

When I returned to MSP, I decided I would go to the gym, despite being tired and all that. My workout was going great -- I got an elliptical machine without waiting. I got to 23:50 before I noticed all the ellipticals were full and that someone was possibly wanting to use one. So I got off the machine and went to an open(!) treadmill. I wasn't on very long before I felt a pain in my foot, between the base of my middle toe and the ball of my foot. It hurt to touch it once I got my shoe off. DAMMIT.

I was mad at the guy (who never did use the machine) and at myself for even going to the gym. But I stopped pretty quickly after the pain started. It hurt while walking after and it hurt to touch the area still after I got home. It seems a lot better now, though. So maybe it was just a weird little tweak thing? I'm crossing my fingers.


Gia said...

I hope its nothing! And YAAAAY for the haircut - I love getting my hair done...makes me feel all pretty and new for like a day.

Jess said...

I think maybe it was nothing. Or, I did nothing to aggravate it. Either way, I'm happy.

Normally, it takes my hair a good week to get back to ”normal” after a cut and color. But after having it straightened and curled, it looked pretty good today. In fact, if I owned a curling iron, I probably could have worn it straight today. Exciting!