12 January 2012

Gym Teabaggers

Below is the post I wanted to load last night, but for whatever reason, Blogger refuses to work on my computer at home. Awesome. I went through a stretch like that a few weeks ago, but it tended to work on Firefox and not Chrome. It's now not working on either. And I apparently have changed over to the new interface, which I hated when I tried it the first time. But it doesn't appear that I can change back now. Fun! Anyway, here's all the angry shit I wrote last night when I got home from the gym. 

Let's be clear right up front -- this isn't about what you think it will be about. I'm using the term "teabagger" as a pejorative for members of the Tea Party. And I'm using that to paint a picture of the selfish dickweeds at the gym.

These people are possibly different from the Resolutionaries, but maybe not entirely. I know for a fact this shit was going on in November and December, so clearly it's not totally the fault of the goddamn newbies.

Tonight, I was on the ellipticals, which are behind the row of treadmills. From my vantage point, I could see two different women who had been on their treadmills for more than 20 minutes. One of them had a pillar in front of her with THREE signs saying "20 minute limit when people are waiting."

As it happens, there were about six people in line waiting for treadmills. On my way back from getting paper towels and cleaning foam for my elliptical (they were all full, so I stopped at 20 minutes, because I'M NOT AN ASSHOLE), I counted a total of at least five people who were past the 20-minute limit. There were at least that many people in line, waiting for a machine.

Why do these people get to ignore the rules? Or guidelines, or whatever the fuck they are? What makes them better than anyone else? Why should people have to wait longer for them to finish?

I came so close to walking in front of those girls and pointing at the signs, then pointing at the line of people. But why should I have to police the assholes at the gym? It's certainly not my job. Besides, I had stuff to do myself. Also, I'm pretty sure public shaming wouldn't do a goddamn thing.

So this is where my teabagger analogy comes in. It came to me while I was fuming over these oblivious or selfish douchenozzles that they're like these "Tea Party Patriots." They have a very strong "I got mine, so fuck you" attitude. Their brand of government assistance is different -- better, somehow -- than yours. They made their way in the world without anyone's help (yeah, right), so why should they give anything extra to anyone else? They got that treadmill first and they'll stay on it as long as they want.

The gym doesn't seem to be doing much to alleviate my stress level tonight.


Gia said...

OH that would drive me nuts. I would want a rule enforcer in the gym.

Anonymous said...

good analogy, and probably correct. any good liberal would have paid attention to the signage (after they mentally corrected any mis-spellings and changed the typeface used on said sign).