12 January 2012

Executive decision

I decided not to go to yoga tonight for a number of reasons, among them: I'm tired and expecting to get to bed within two hours (at best) of walking in the door from the gym is pretty unreasonable. I know yoga is supposed to be all relaxing and shit, and I may relax during Savasana, but I'm not going to be tired when I get home. It's just not me.

So, I decided to take at least one step to set myself up for success. I may very well stay up too late, but maybe I won't. Also, I had plenty of shit to do tonight. Tomorrow after work, The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to a winter weekend party a bit outside of the city, hosted by M&M. This means I have shit to pack up. I don't really know what I'm going to need, and I want to take as little stuff as possible, so I have to pack smart.

Oh, but that's not all I'm packing for. You may remember something about A PUPPY. I'm heading to the farm after a layover in the metro to hang with my new li'l puppy friend. So there's packing required there. And I didn't want to pack it all together, because then I'd look like I was over-packing for both. So I'll just pack two separate bags and look like a crazy person in a different way. YAY!

Then there's the TV. I wanted to watch the NBC Thursday night shows (I've missed 30 Rock so, but c'mon, NBC BRING BACK COMMUNITY). Plus the NBA studio show (got to hear Shaq say "shit" as they were going to commercial. Delightful!) and I'm currently watch the Gophers give No. 8 Indiana everything they can handle in Assembly Hall.

I still feel a bit crappy for skipping the gym, but I'll live with it. It's gonna be a late night tomorrow and a lot of driving and doing stuff and not relaxing. Pretty sure I made the right decision.

And let me remind you -- we're at about T-MINUS ONE DAY 'TIL PUPPY. Oh my God, y'all! I can barely stand it.

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