18 January 2012

Doing the responsible thing, yet feeling irresponsible.

Since I'm sick, but not super sick, I opted to work from home today. I mean, I have the option, so why not use it? I don't expose my coworkers to my germs (not to mention the sneezing, coughing and nose-blowing), I get to sleep in a bit and can take breaks, I have access to everything I need ...

I actually didn't feel all that bad until the end of the (normal) work day, when my boss freaked out about the mark up on a project. My snot- and cold-medicine-addled brain had me convinced that I fucked up somehow. (Caveat -- even if I did, he had many, many opportunities to catch it and didn't.) The thing is, though, I didn't screw up, unless he screwed up first and I based everything I did on his initial screw up. After an hour of repeating calculations over and over and getting the same result, I think I figured out what he did to get the figure he's stressing out about. Of course, he's out tomorrow so I can't explain it to him.

After the initial flurry of e-mails and a phone call, I thought I should go into the office tomorrow, because ... I'm not sure. I know I'm not going to feel a ton better and it's also going to be cold as fuck. Also, my boss is out tomorrow. So I'm not going to stress too much about it. Because, you know, work stress is exactly what you need when you're fucking sick. What the fuck would have happened if I'd *gasp* taken an actual sick day?

I'm not even feeling that bad about skipping the gym two nights in a row. I've eaten about half as much as I might normally eat today, I think. So, if I'm not eating the calories I'd burn at the gym, it's a wash, right? Unfortunately, I feel a bit less hydrated (okay, over-hydrated) than I might be if I was at work, too. But I'm more comfortable, and that means a lot when you're sick.

That seals it. Unless I wake up feeling amazing tomorrow, I'm working from home again. My coworkers should appreciate my keeping my contagious ass out of there. Of course, when I go back on Friday sounding like Lunch Lady Doris (or Ma, for you Soup watchers), they'll tell me I sound terrible. But what can you do?


Gia said...

Yes. I'm a firm believer that when you're sick, you should NOT go infect your coworkers.

Jess said...

I would like to be. I mean, I am, but as long as I've been at this place, it's been horribly difficult to take time off or even work from home when I'm sick.

And I know plenty of others come into the office when they're sick (that's why I'm sick).

But I'm trying.

Victoria M. said...

Your job sounds like mine, a big pain in the ass. I work for a corp too in DC and I fucking hate it.