15 January 2012

Comin' down.

Oh man. I feel like I need another day to come down from this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people whose company includes Martin Luther King day on their holiday calendar. There is a bonus, though, to my having to work tomorrow. Wells Fargo is a bank, so the "ladies" on our floor will not be around tomorrow, fucking up the bathrooms.

Friday night with M&M on the lake was so fun. I met some great people and drank so much fucking wine. Like, almost two bottles. Granted, it was over the course of almost eight hours, so I didn't have much of a hangover when I got up on Saturday. Yeah, I went to bed around 4:00 a.m. Wheeeeeeee! One of the more awesome aspects of the visit to the lake was the fact that most of us woke up to the smell of bacon. It was someone else cooking the bacon I'd brought up from the farm. I went down and ate some and got some coffee. Then I brought up some bacon to The Boy I Currently Like. He at it in bed. He's got a pretty good life.

The rest of the weekend was PUPPYTASTIC. Oh my goodness, y'all. Sadie is so freakin' adorable. We bonded pretty well. She apparently cried when I left. She would whine when I left the room and she followed me around. She'll be fine, though. She was following my dad all over the place, too. Pretty soon, he'll be her world.

Another interesting thing came up while I was at home. I found out my sister told my parents about The Boy I Currently Like. I suppose it's good that it is out there, now. But where the fuck does she get off, telling my parents about him? I'm pissed, yet I take some solace in the fact that Sadie peed on her floor twice yesterday. My sister doesn't like animals -- though, she grudgingly admitted Sadie was pretty cute. She didn't want Sadie in her house. So, I'm kinda pleased Sadie pissed on her floors twice. Oh, and on her deck at least once. Sucker.

Now, please to enjoy Sadie tackling her monkey.


Gia said...

Awwww so CUTE!! I LOVE HER!

Jess said...

I'm not gonna lie -- I've watched that video like, five times since I've been home.


Cosmos said...

So cute!