04 January 2012


Oh man. The goddamn New Year's Resolutioners/Gymmigrants/Resolutionaries have already fucked my life up. And it was really only one day (I didn't go to the gym on Jan. 1 and I went during the day on Jan. 2).

Because of all the oblivious newbies at the gym, I went late last night. I went to the Wedge late, got home late and went to bed really late. Waking up at 4:00 a.m. didn't help matters any. I figured if I was still awake at 5:30/6:00 a.m., I would just get up and go to the gym. But I fell asleep somewhere around 5:00.

So, today, I was kind of the walking dead. Staring at my computer today made me so tired. And here it is 10:05, and I'm falling asleep. Fuck that shit. Next week I really might have to work out in the mornings. Working until 7:00 at night won't be as bad as coming home from the gym at 9:30, right? It seems like it makes sense right now, BUT I'M SO TIRED.

As it turns out, my concentration is waning. I'm bummed the Wolves and Gophers lost tonight. But I had a lovely visit with W&J and their doggies. Baby H was sleeping the whole time I was there, though. C'mon, tiny infant! Wake up when I'm at your house! Guess I'll just have to go see her later.

Okay, time to lay down now.

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