14 December 2011


My mini vacation that started today started with a good two hours of work immediately after I woke up. Yay? In fact, I feel like I just barely sat down to relax at 10:00. How did that happen?

Part of it is my continued obsession with cookie baking. I had to go to the gym and a work happy hour, too. Lucky me, tomorrow I have a poorly-timed conference call as well. Fucking bastards. My weekend isn't going to be any better. Hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like, extended family Christmas, birthday lunch for brother and SIL and a friends holiday drinks party. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Went to see Ryan Adams at the State Theater last night. We found out when we got there that there would be no beverage service. Okay, fine. He's a recovering alcoholic. But there was no coffee or soda either. Not even water. I was so fucking thirsty when I got home. I pounded two huge glasses of water so fast it hurt.

The show was still good, despite my legs practically falling asleep because I never stood up. The crowd was ... annoying. The girl next to me had her purse practically in my lap. She was also singing along, off-key and out-of-time. Not so awesome in a super-quiet acoustic show. I'm not a fan of totally acoustic shows, either. I like the occasional stripped-down version. However, I found myself missing harmonies and bass lines and whatnot.

I suppose I should get to winding down. I have to get up early tomorrow on my day off.

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