15 December 2011


My dad just called to ask if I would be interested in going with him Saturday to check out a puppy he's considering getting.

HOLY SHIT. Do you even need to ask, Dad?

She's still pretty young yet, so we won't be bringing her home. I say "she" because my dad said when he started looking in the spring/summer that he'd be getting another girl. The mother will be there, and apparently the father lives just down the road, so we'll go check him out, too.

This was pretty good timing on Dad's part, as I had a couple of crying episodes today when I was thinking about what it was going to be like to be home next weekend for the first Christmas in nine years without Brandi. We'll probably still be dog-less and it'll still be hard, but knowing there's a puppy on the horizon helps take some of the sting away.

Because the puppy is too young to bring home, I'm guessing that means the whole litter will be there. Which is AWESOME. I want to be attacked by puppies. I want to sit down and let them crawl all over me. Not sure that'll happen, but a girl can dream, right? I can also dream that they have just one week left before they're ready to go to their forever homes, but that's probably a reach, too. Guess I'll be visiting the farm a lot over the next several months.


Gia said...

Awww....no one will ever replace Brandi for you, but puppies are an adorable distraction. WE MUST HAVE PICTURES.

Cosmos said...

Happiness is a warm puppy :)

There will always be a spot in your heart for Brandi.

Jess said...

Oh, I know Brandi will always be there. Shit, I still get weepy over Daisy, the German Shepherd we got when I was nine. She had to be put down when I was away for my freshman year of college.

I have the best of intentions to take lots of pictures. However, it's entirely possible I may be overwhelmed by a litter of Golden Retriever PUPPIES.