16 December 2011

It's mostly over. I think.

I hope. I'm talking about my crazy-ass baking spree. I've made four batches of cookies over the last few days, in addition to all the cookies I made last weekend for the cookie exchange and the cookies I made the weekend before to help me decide which cookies to make for the cookie exchange.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I haven't the foggiest idea what made me want to bake all of those cookies, but I HAD TO DO IT.

So now I basically just have to put them in treat bags for my friends and family. And one coworker. Because I can't bring cookies for everyone. Apparently, some people have no self-control, so no one gets cookies. That's more for friends and family, I guess.

I really feel like I wasted these three days off work. I mean, I did more than a half day work, which is bullshit. Then I went to a work happy hour. I did get pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done. That is awesome. I might get one more thing for The Boy I Currently Like. I probably will. I seem to have cleared stuff off my DVR, too.

Yet here I am, feeling like I didn't fucking relax at all. Oh well. That's what next weekend is for? What the fuck else will I do at home? And the week after, where I'm off THE WHOLE WEEK.

Hey -- you know what? I should quit bitching about how I've wasted my days off, get my cookies bagged up and pack my bag so I can chill a bit before bed, because I HAVE PUPPIES TO SEE TOMORROW. I need to remember to put some extra Kleenex in my purse. I've been crying a lot lately.


Gia said...

I would like to see pictures and recipes of the cookies (and puppies!). Well, not recipes for the puppies, I know how they're made...

Anonymous said...

coping mechanism ?