11 December 2011

Can't stay out of the kitchen.

The Boy I Currently Like and I changed shit up this weekend and hung out Saturday instead of Friday. Well, this was mostly because Man Candy wanted to switch nights because the AV Club was in town (oooh, new nickname!). I was a little bummed I found out so late she was here, 'cause I didn't get to see her.

Switching shit up meant I had to go straight from his place to Cookie Exchange 2011. This was okay because a) there were cookies (plus crazy awesome cheese, boozy cider and exotic preserved meats), b) there were friends, and c) there was my CORGI! buddy Ein.

After that, I stopped to see W&J and my dog buddies at their house. It may be my last visit before the baby comes. I had to drop off some cookies, too. My deck cooler is getting seriously full. And yet, I made the filling for meneinas after making my lunch for the (short) week. That shit is still cooling now at 10:30. I may have fucked up my timing of things this evening.

Man, I thought this post was going to just flow from my fingertips; instead, it is like pulling teeth. So, I think I'll put myself out of my misery and sign off for now. With my short (on paper) work week coming up, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time for proper, well-thought-out posts. Hahahaahhahahaha.

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