19 December 2011

Can't blog, doing Christmas cards.

Getting my Christmas cards done gives me a sense of accomplishment. Even if I'm pretty much only sending cards to people who have already sent them to me. Reciprocation is totally something, dammit.

I'm waiting to wrap my presents until they all arrive, but it looks like I might be waiting on one straggler. I'll probably do my wrapping on Wednesday. It feels like something I need to do before a day off. I can't drink that much on a school night, dammit.

Whatever, I'm making progress.

Also, today is a big day. My new baby friend has made her debut! Congrats to W&J on the birth of wee Hannah Katherine. I can't wait to meet her. There's so much going on these days.


Gia said...

Ugh, Christmas cards! What a pain. I don't mind wrapping though. Makes me feel accomplished.

Anonymous said...

is "Hannah" big this year ? my new great niece is Hannah Lee Smith.

Rizwan Ali said...

What a beautiful card! I hope I'll be the lucky winner, I could need some inspiration :)
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