05 December 2011

Abandoned underpants.

Friday at the gym, I discovered a pair of underpants in a (fake) tree planter at the gym when I went for a final stretch after my work out.

Really? UNDERWEAR? Among the rocks in the tree planter. They kind of blend in, since they're gray and the fake rocks are shades of gray, as well.

And underpants are funny (that's why I keep calling them underpants instead of underwear).

I delayed my gym visit tonight in the hopes that I could get a machine, and it mostly worked. Then, I went to stretch and ended up back at the planter. THE UNDERPANTS WERE STILL THERE.

While I'm grossed out, I also find it hilarious. Tracking this has given me renewed zeal to get to the gym. It's sad, but you gotta take your motivation wherever you can find it, right?

If only I could take a picture, but cameras are prohibited. Not that anyone else pays any attention to the rules, but the second I fuck up, I'm sure I'd get busted.

Stay tuned for the LA Fitness Underpants Saga.


Reuben Collins said...

I was out jogging once and I accidentally shat my pants. I abandoned my underwear immediately.

Jess said...

As anyone would, I imagine. These don't have any visible poop, though. Nor is there a smell (the gym kind of generally smells of poo and BO, of course).

Did you just leave your underwear out in the open, and did you abandon them in front of a ton of people? Because that's where these are at the gym. Right behind all the cardio, in front of all the windows facing out into Calhoun Square ... in view of the front desk, too.

Anonymous said...

there's a really interesting story behind it. i just wish we knew what it was. . . . . .


Gia said...

Ugh! In case gyms weren't skeezy enough on their own (with the sweating and grunting and sweating and stuff). Bleh.