01 November 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

The day after I sang at my grandpa's funeral, I got an e-mail from my high school choir director, who played for me at the funeral. I've been singing with her since I was 12 years old, which was when she first started teaching music.

She's no longer teaching, and I think it's done her a world of good. That job wrung her out. For the better part of 20 years, she just kept taking on more and more responsibilities. The school was taking her for granted like nobody's business. So, she got out. I admire her for it.

Anyway, compared to the last time I saw her ... or maybe sang with her, she was in so much better spirits. I had fun practicing with her to sing at grandpa's funeral, and I wished I could have had a more fun opportunity to sing with her. Cue the post-funeral e-mail.

She's been playing occasionally at the winery in town, and said I should sing with her on one of her upcoming dates. I was waffling internally, because I had plans one night, the nephew would probably have a basketball tournament the other weekend. There was one possibility ... as it turned out, The Boy I Currently Like has a work event that weekend.

I said yes. We e-mailed about practicing and songs. I was headed down that way today to get my hair did today, anyway, so that worked out for practicing. I thought I'd sing three, maybe four songs. Then it looked like seven. Now, it's NINE. What. The. Fuck. I'm not sure I've ever done that much singing outside the car.

Of course, my voice was shot today after a couple of days hanging out at M&S's place with the kitty. Hopefully I'll have a strong voice next Saturday. Now I have to think about what I'm going to wear and all that. My mom is already all, "I told all my friends and all the teachers at school." Thanks, mom.

I don't understand why anyone would want to hear me sing. I have a decent voice, but I find it lacking in ... character. I want a little rasp. I want that whiskey-soaked sound. I want something more than what I have. Don't we all, though?

Anyway, at least it is at a winery and I will have access to liquid courage before getting up there in front of everyone. Here's hoping I don't fuck up too badly.

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