24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Eve.

For the first time in years, I managed to get home at a reasonable hour on Thanksgiving Eve and do a few things to make tomorrow a bit easier.

Lord knows I spent plenty of time at the bar. It was a delightful time, despite our surly server. A friend from home came out for a couple of beers, which was a last-minute surprise.

I managed to get a good chunk of stuff done today. I had a mammogram, went to Target (for milk and mascara), went to the gym, cooked up some cranberries (with orange, ginger and bourbon) and baked a cake. That was all before I stopped at Bull Run to get some coffee before I went to Liquor Lyle's for Thanksgiving Eve festivities.

Probably I should get to bed soonish. There is much to do yet tomorrow. I'm so excited.

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