20 November 2011


Met my sister's boyfriend today, about 45 minutes after I first learned of his existence.

Braved the first snowfall of the season and the horrible driving conditions it produced. I also lived to tell the tale.

Was mauled by a happy baby who chewed on my hair and the neck of my shirt. At least I managed to remove my big, hoop earrings before she got a hand on those. But she was gleeful about taking two tiny handfuls of the cowl neck of my shirt and stuffing them in her mouth. I'm out of practice around the wee folk. What kind of idiot goes somewhere with a six-month-old wearing her hair down and enormous hoop earrings? I'm so dumb.

Celebrated another birthday for another delightful friend with even more of my favorite people in the whole world.

Did more drinking at one of my favorite bars in the Minneapple.

Cleaned up a bit of my DVR.

Successfully installed my new wireless router. It works well enough that I can now connect to the remote work server. So that means I can work even more effectively on my days off.

Currently delaying bed for some silly reason. In theory, I will wake up and have enough gumption to get going to the gym so I can get home and just be so incredibly lazy and watch nothing but NFL RedZone all afternoon. It's gonna be sweet. Maybe.

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