30 November 2011


Jesus H. Christ, I am so crabby. The work situation this week, combined with hormones, have just really made me ANGRY.

I'm sure going back to work after most of a week off didn't help things. Nor did the post-Thanksgiving let-down. What the fuck else is there now? Christmas? Fuck that shit. New Year's Eve? Maybe. The horrible cold, dead of winter? That's for certain.

In a few days (possibly as early as tomorrow), it'll all be over. The hormones will even out and I have Friday off work. In theory.

There was a lot of work stuff I was going to rant about. Over the break last weekend, I got an e-mail from a coworker with a thread of exchanges with our Big Boss about our PTO policy and if we were ever going to get to carry any over. He spouted some platitudes about how people shouldn't hold onto their time until the end of the year and how everyone wants to take time off during the holidays and bullshit like that.

Maybe there are people out there who would have no problem blowing through their PTO early in the year and then facing an illness or a death in the family with no cushion. Sure, the company might be understanding in a situation like that, but who wants to put herself in a situation like that? And then I'm an asshole because "I want to take time off at the holidays?" You may or may not notice this, but "the holidays" coincide with the end of the year, and the deadline for us to use up our time.

I wouldn't have so damn much time to use up in December if I could have taken all the time off I wanted to during the year. I mean, I worked on several holidays, not to mention many a weekend and evening. If I can't even not work on company holidays or weekends, how am I supposed to take regular work days off? It's fucking maddening.

Well, okay. That was the bulk of what I wanted to say. Guess it didn't take too long to get it all out.

I've hit the point in the year that I have to stop going to the gym location closest to home in the evenings. It's just too fucking crazy and full of inconsiderate dicks. There's a 20 minute limit on cardio equipment when there is a line. I'm talking to you, people on the ellipticals for more than an hour. I pay for my membership the same as you do, asswipes.

So there goes my stress relief. And I'm so gross -- my hair, my skin, I feel hugely fat (more so than normal).

It's gonna get better though. Probably. Hopefully.


Kate G. said...

UGH: I am facing the same problem with machine hogs. Even worse are the people who mysteriously appeared the day after Thanksgiving and who will hang around until March. This crowd has the most offenders w/r/t ignoring time limits, not wiping down machines post-use, and wearing totally inappropriate workout wear!

Uh...rant over: FOR NOW!

Jess said...

Is Thanksgiving the new New Year's? I saw so many people last night at the gym that I've never seen there before. It was crazy.

There was a lot of makeup and hair that looked entirely too done for a workout.

Dear sweet Jesus. Thank goodness I get to work out during the day tomorrow. It'll be so fancy.