25 November 2011


Oh my, but that was one hell of a Thanksgiving. I'd say it was the best one KayGee, The Prison Librarian and I have had since we first started.

The food, as always, was delicious and in obscene amounts. My fridge is packed with leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, cheese, salami, baked feta, pumpkin swirl cheesecake ... the only things I don't have in terms of leftovers are Brussels sprouts (though, I have the raw ones I didn't cook) and spinach dip/veggies. That's because I flat-out refused any of that. You have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Ah yes, there's chocolate stout cake, too. No one even had any last night. We were too full. KayGee and The Prison Librarian took a chunk home. The Boy I Currently Like took a chunk home for him and a couple of pieces for Man Candy. I believe I owe a piece to Law Talkin' Gal. Maybe I'll have one piece, too. It's good fucking cake. Or, it looks and smells good. It's always been good in the past.

By the time The Boy I Currently Like joined us yesterday, we'd been drinking for several hours. This is the first time I've been hung over the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Usually I tie one on Thanksgiving Eve and end up hungover for The Big Day. Not this year! I did it right. And I managed to make The Boy a decent breakfast (fried potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs with smoked Gouda), despite my hungover state.

It was just such a delightful fucking day. It was warm -- we had the ceiling fan on and most of the windows open for a large portion of the day. Though, in the interest of full disclosure, that was because we set the smoke alarm off pretty early on. Oh yeah. We totally did that.

The Boy and I opted to not hang out tonight, despite the fact that we had a lovely time yesterday/today. I could have gone either way. After a nap and a shower, I was raring to go. He was unsure as well, so we opted to have our own alone time. I've managed to not order pizza (for some reason, I really wanted it earlier, despite the presence of delicious, delicious leftovers). I've also refrained from baking. Because, of course, I need more baked goods.

Though, there's a good chance I'll do some baking tomorrow or Sunday. Or both. I just need more eggs. And I have the bulk of a can of pumpkin in my fridge that needs to be used, so there you go.

I also have to decide what I'm taking for the leftovers party tomorrow (in addition to a box of wine, of course). I think the baked feta will go for sure. The rest of the cheesecake (after I get my piece), the rest of the chocolate cake ... I'm not sure I want to/can part with the remainder of my leftovers. I'll be eating off that shit most of next week, for Christ's sake.

Hold the fuck up -- this is the 10th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings? Oh, by the way, that's what I'm doing tonight. I'm laid out on the couch (occasionally switching sides, so my neck doesn't get sore) watching as much of the LOTR trilogy as I can. I'll probably finish The Two Towers (starting RIGHT NOW and going until 1:00), but Return of the King will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm guessing. I rarely ever get to see The Two Towers, when it's on TV. I'm always out or some silly shit like that. It's just like The Empire Strikes Back. It's my favorite, so of course, I always miss it.

Hmmm ... this seems to be getting lengthy and I've been upright for what seems like entirely too long. Better sign off.


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