11 November 2011

Ladies night.

With The Boy I Currently Like getting ready for his Big Work Event™ tomorrow, I decided to do a little girl time with W this evening. We went to Moss Envy for their ladies' night. It wasn't nearly as awesome as I was hoping. The red wine went unopened and there wasn't much food.

However! We had a really freakin' delicious brownie s'more thing that was fudgy and chewy and full of fancy marshmallow. Oh, and I got a sweet purse. It was pretty expensive (for me), but in my defense, I've been looking for a new purse for ages. I've bought several and returned them, because they just weren't right.

This purse, though, was RIGHT. It spoke to me. No, it's true. W said she heard it. Plus, it was 20 percent off! Also, eco-friendly and shit.

Our efforts to get some food afterward were stymied a number of times. No parking for Muddy Waters, nor for The Bulldog. We got a parking spot at The Lowry, but the wait was creeping perilously close to 90 minutes. So, we ended up at good ol' Lyle's. How I love Lyle's.

I guess I'm as ready for family time in the hometown and singing as I'll ever be.

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