13 November 2011

Heading into the home stretch.

I have just five days of work to get through before a full week off work and nothing but short weeks the rest of the year. Oh man, it feels so good.

Now, I don't really think I'll actually be off the entire time I'm supposed to be off work. I'm prepared to do work at home for my Big Client, but I think I should be able to shrug off the rest. Looks like things should be starting to wind down, anyway. Hopefully. That is never how it really happens, though, is it?

The weekend turned out to be not too shabby. Of course, the purse I bought Friday night has a busted zipper (could I buy something that doesn't break immediately?). However, I'm so in love with it that I am going to do whatever I can to get a replacement. You know it's a good purse when my mom tells me several times over the course of a day that she really likes it.

Home was actually pretty fun. I got a huge surprise when I found out there was a SECOND DOG at the house. Not a new puppy, unfortunately. It was my aunt and uncle's Gordon Setter. I like her a lot. So I got to pet two dogs. Since Greta (the Gordon Setter) was sleeping in Brandi's kennel, Brandi got to sleep in the house, which meant she stayed up with me last night until I went to bed. I got to pet the shit out of her. It was delightful.

The trip to the winery and singing was fun. Turns out that after a glass of wine, my nerves just go away and I didn't give a shit about screwing up or anything. And we screwed up a bunch. But no one noticed, because we just rolled right through it like it was nothing. That's the really nice part about singing with someone who has been playing and singing with me since I was 12.

I even managed to throw another song into my repertoire. Look, I've heard Patsy Cline plenty of times, but I didn't know the words to "Walkin' After Midnight." It was decided (by mob rule) that I would sing it anyway. Apparently, I faked my way through well enough that my sober dad (he's not into wine) had no idea I didn't know it. So, yay me.

My parents seemed to have had fun. Most of the crowd was made up of their friends. Because my mom told freakin' everyone she knew about it. I had fun with one of my oldest, dearest friends (plus her sister, her husband, her friend and one of my babysitters from when I was a wee lass).

Crap. I walked away for a bit to do dishes and now I've kind of lost my train of thought. It all boils down, I guess, to the weekend that I had been dreading wasn't terrible. I bought some surprisingly good wine (oh yeah, the winery makes awfully damn good wine). Did a lot of dog petting and I think made my mom pretty happy. All in all, I think it was good.

I'm really starting to fixate on Thanksgiving. I wish it was this week.

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