06 November 2011

Customer service success story.

I know the majority of the past week has been filled with my bitching about my defective bra. And I'm sorry. But it's frustrating to spend a lot of money on something that breaks in two months. Especially when I followed all the damn rules.

I waited nearly a week to hear from Le Mystere, but it was worth it. I don't know which e-mail it was or how it made it to Jessica in New York, but she fucking rocked my world. She initially offered to replace the two defective bras, but since Macy's took the one back that I'd purchased there, it was only the bra I'd bought from HerRoom that appeared to give me no recourse. Had I been a greedy bitch, I maybe would have said, "Sure, I'll take two bras." That's not me, though.

Jessica and I exchanged e-mails over the course of the day and I finally settled on a completely different style of bra from the two I'd had trouble with to have them send me. Because Jessica was so awesome, she threw in a free pair of undies. I have no idea what they might look like (probably I could figure it out on the website, but I like surprises), but hey -- FREE UNDERWEAR.

I feel like I should point something out here: Le Mystere has a lot of bras in sizes to fit the chesticularly endowed. In addition to the two styles I've purchased, she gave me seven additional options from which to choose. I gotta give it up to a company that makes at least nine different styles of bras in sizes for the generously-boobied.

The only thing that has me feeling shitty is the fact that I had to get pissy to get anything done. I also feel shitty for even complaining, once the complaining was acknowledged by the complainee. I think that's my problem, however. Anyway, about the whole getting pissy thing, like The Boy I Currently Like pointed out, "the squeaky wheel and all that." It's true and you know, if you don't complain, how is anyone going to know that there is a problem?

Anyway, even if the new bra doesn't work out (though, I have high hopes and Jessica said she thought I would love it), at least someone listened and provided me with a solution. I think that's all anyone wants. That's mostly what I want, anyway.

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