02 November 2011

The bra saga continues.

It's five days since the wire poked out of my Le Mystere bra; that translates to three business days. I got a response from HerRoom, which is where I bought the bra. That response was, "you're shit out of luck. Hope you enjoyed shopping with us!"

Yeah, no. I didn't enjoy shopping with you. I responded to Jerrica, the customer service agent who gave me the "you're fucked" response. The e-mail isn't going through. The system is going to try for one more day, but then it's over. Yeah. Thanks for that, HerRoom.

As for Le Mystere, I haven't gotten a response from them at all. Oh, wait. I did get the "thanks for following us. Did you know we're on Facebook?" DM from them on Twitter. This was after I talked shit about them. I sent two more e-mails last night to different addresses in their drop down menu on the "Contact Us" page. The rest are all for different countries, but I think I might e-mail all of them, as well. What the fuck can it hurt?

So, I'm clearly out the money. But I can't get an apology? Or even an acknowledgement? FUCK YOU BOTH, Le Mystere and HerRoom. Tomorrow, I start my Facebook and Twitter wars. But it isn't going to do a damn thing.

You're both doing a really great job of customer service, Le Mystere and HerRoom. Just a fucking bang-up job.

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