27 November 2011

Baking jones sated.

It's not as if I didn't have a chance to get in the kitchen or anything while I was on vacation. I made muffins on Sunday and a cake on Wednesday, but after Thanksgiving is when I really wanted to be baking.

I managed to go out to the annual leftovers party last night. My overwhelming urge after going out to the gym and running errands was to stay warm and snug in my apartment, baking up a storm. I made the right decision, though. It was, as always, a very fun, wine-soaked evening.

Since I didn't have any big-time cooking to do for the week today (thank you, leftovers!), I was able to get some baking done. My test cookies for the 2011 Holiday Cookie exchange are nearly done. These are pumpkin, oatmeal and dried cranberry cookies. They're pretty good, but I feel like they're lacking a little something special.

There's still pumpkin left, so I'll be making some muffins tonight, too. Shit. It's only 8:00. I have time. Might as well use it productively, right?

I'm terribly sad that my vacation is over. Feels like I got nothing done -- my only lazy day was Friday, and that's because I was hung over. If I hadn't been, I would have been Out Doing Stuff.

However! Between now and the end of the year, I'll only be working 12-14 days. I'm off every Friday, the week between Christmas and New Year's and most of another week. Because I had to work Monday, I have two additional days to use. I'm not sure I'll get to use them (or even all of the days I've requested), but it'll be a while before I work a five-day week again.

And that is what is keeping me going tonight. Except short weeks always feel so long. Fuck.

No! I won't do that to myself. There is fun to be had. Macho Man and I are going to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Thursday night. There are more cookie recipes to try out. It's gonna be lovely, dammit. LOVELY.

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angelsroy33 said...

That's right, and don't psych out. Have fun when you can,-right? I have some baking fun of my own coming soon. Last year I made some Smoked Applewood Bacon Brownies that people went absolutely crazy(good crazy) over, and this year I'm going to try out some sorta Maple bacon cookies. Weird I know, but until you try it, don't knock it, - trust me! :p