30 November 2011


Jesus H. Christ, I am so crabby. The work situation this week, combined with hormones, have just really made me ANGRY.

I'm sure going back to work after most of a week off didn't help things. Nor did the post-Thanksgiving let-down. What the fuck else is there now? Christmas? Fuck that shit. New Year's Eve? Maybe. The horrible cold, dead of winter? That's for certain.

In a few days (possibly as early as tomorrow), it'll all be over. The hormones will even out and I have Friday off work. In theory.

There was a lot of work stuff I was going to rant about. Over the break last weekend, I got an e-mail from a coworker with a thread of exchanges with our Big Boss about our PTO policy and if we were ever going to get to carry any over. He spouted some platitudes about how people shouldn't hold onto their time until the end of the year and how everyone wants to take time off during the holidays and bullshit like that.

Maybe there are people out there who would have no problem blowing through their PTO early in the year and then facing an illness or a death in the family with no cushion. Sure, the company might be understanding in a situation like that, but who wants to put herself in a situation like that? And then I'm an asshole because "I want to take time off at the holidays?" You may or may not notice this, but "the holidays" coincide with the end of the year, and the deadline for us to use up our time.

I wouldn't have so damn much time to use up in December if I could have taken all the time off I wanted to during the year. I mean, I worked on several holidays, not to mention many a weekend and evening. If I can't even not work on company holidays or weekends, how am I supposed to take regular work days off? It's fucking maddening.

Well, okay. That was the bulk of what I wanted to say. Guess it didn't take too long to get it all out.

I've hit the point in the year that I have to stop going to the gym location closest to home in the evenings. It's just too fucking crazy and full of inconsiderate dicks. There's a 20 minute limit on cardio equipment when there is a line. I'm talking to you, people on the ellipticals for more than an hour. I pay for my membership the same as you do, asswipes.

So there goes my stress relief. And I'm so gross -- my hair, my skin, I feel hugely fat (more so than normal).

It's gonna get better though. Probably. Hopefully.

29 November 2011

Oh, hello working Blogger.

Look, I wasn't going to say much tonight. I worked a good 10 hours and skipped the gym. I've stayed up way too late the last couple of nights.

But then, I went to try to blog about this and BLOGGER WASN'T WORKING. Now it is working, though. Not only that, but Blogger is working in Chrome now, too.

This is all terribly exciting, and I swear I will (maybe) write a real blog post soon. I've only got two more days of work left this week.


27 November 2011

Baking jones sated.

It's not as if I didn't have a chance to get in the kitchen or anything while I was on vacation. I made muffins on Sunday and a cake on Wednesday, but after Thanksgiving is when I really wanted to be baking.

I managed to go out to the annual leftovers party last night. My overwhelming urge after going out to the gym and running errands was to stay warm and snug in my apartment, baking up a storm. I made the right decision, though. It was, as always, a very fun, wine-soaked evening.

Since I didn't have any big-time cooking to do for the week today (thank you, leftovers!), I was able to get some baking done. My test cookies for the 2011 Holiday Cookie exchange are nearly done. These are pumpkin, oatmeal and dried cranberry cookies. They're pretty good, but I feel like they're lacking a little something special.

There's still pumpkin left, so I'll be making some muffins tonight, too. Shit. It's only 8:00. I have time. Might as well use it productively, right?

I'm terribly sad that my vacation is over. Feels like I got nothing done -- my only lazy day was Friday, and that's because I was hung over. If I hadn't been, I would have been Out Doing Stuff.

However! Between now and the end of the year, I'll only be working 12-14 days. I'm off every Friday, the week between Christmas and New Year's and most of another week. Because I had to work Monday, I have two additional days to use. I'm not sure I'll get to use them (or even all of the days I've requested), but it'll be a while before I work a five-day week again.

And that is what is keeping me going tonight. Except short weeks always feel so long. Fuck.

No! I won't do that to myself. There is fun to be had. Macho Man and I are going to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Thursday night. There are more cookie recipes to try out. It's gonna be lovely, dammit. LOVELY.

25 November 2011


Oh my, but that was one hell of a Thanksgiving. I'd say it was the best one KayGee, The Prison Librarian and I have had since we first started.

The food, as always, was delicious and in obscene amounts. My fridge is packed with leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, cheese, salami, baked feta, pumpkin swirl cheesecake ... the only things I don't have in terms of leftovers are Brussels sprouts (though, I have the raw ones I didn't cook) and spinach dip/veggies. That's because I flat-out refused any of that. You have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Ah yes, there's chocolate stout cake, too. No one even had any last night. We were too full. KayGee and The Prison Librarian took a chunk home. The Boy I Currently Like took a chunk home for him and a couple of pieces for Man Candy. I believe I owe a piece to Law Talkin' Gal. Maybe I'll have one piece, too. It's good fucking cake. Or, it looks and smells good. It's always been good in the past.

By the time The Boy I Currently Like joined us yesterday, we'd been drinking for several hours. This is the first time I've been hung over the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Usually I tie one on Thanksgiving Eve and end up hungover for The Big Day. Not this year! I did it right. And I managed to make The Boy a decent breakfast (fried potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs with smoked Gouda), despite my hungover state.

It was just such a delightful fucking day. It was warm -- we had the ceiling fan on and most of the windows open for a large portion of the day. Though, in the interest of full disclosure, that was because we set the smoke alarm off pretty early on. Oh yeah. We totally did that.

The Boy and I opted to not hang out tonight, despite the fact that we had a lovely time yesterday/today. I could have gone either way. After a nap and a shower, I was raring to go. He was unsure as well, so we opted to have our own alone time. I've managed to not order pizza (for some reason, I really wanted it earlier, despite the presence of delicious, delicious leftovers). I've also refrained from baking. Because, of course, I need more baked goods.

Though, there's a good chance I'll do some baking tomorrow or Sunday. Or both. I just need more eggs. And I have the bulk of a can of pumpkin in my fridge that needs to be used, so there you go.

I also have to decide what I'm taking for the leftovers party tomorrow (in addition to a box of wine, of course). I think the baked feta will go for sure. The rest of the cheesecake (after I get my piece), the rest of the chocolate cake ... I'm not sure I want to/can part with the remainder of my leftovers. I'll be eating off that shit most of next week, for Christ's sake.

Hold the fuck up -- this is the 10th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings? Oh, by the way, that's what I'm doing tonight. I'm laid out on the couch (occasionally switching sides, so my neck doesn't get sore) watching as much of the LOTR trilogy as I can. I'll probably finish The Two Towers (starting RIGHT NOW and going until 1:00), but Return of the King will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm guessing. I rarely ever get to see The Two Towers, when it's on TV. I'm always out or some silly shit like that. It's just like The Empire Strikes Back. It's my favorite, so of course, I always miss it.

Hmmm ... this seems to be getting lengthy and I've been upright for what seems like entirely too long. Better sign off.

24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Eve.

For the first time in years, I managed to get home at a reasonable hour on Thanksgiving Eve and do a few things to make tomorrow a bit easier.

Lord knows I spent plenty of time at the bar. It was a delightful time, despite our surly server. A friend from home came out for a couple of beers, which was a last-minute surprise.

I managed to get a good chunk of stuff done today. I had a mammogram, went to Target (for milk and mascara), went to the gym, cooked up some cranberries (with orange, ginger and bourbon) and baked a cake. That was all before I stopped at Bull Run to get some coffee before I went to Liquor Lyle's for Thanksgiving Eve festivities.

Probably I should get to bed soonish. There is much to do yet tomorrow. I'm so excited.

22 November 2011

Holiday prep.

Holy shit. I think I'm mostly ready for Thanksgiving. AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY. I'm pretty sure my shopping is all done. I did the bulk of the cleaning tonight. There's pre-cooking to do tomorrow and last-minute clean-up to do tomorrow/Thursday, but damn, I think I got this shit under control.

That's a far cry from earlier today, when I was panicking about how could I possibly get everything done? And I have an extra day off this year, plus a day working at home instead of the office and all the bullshit that goes along with that.

Quite honestly, I think it is the extra time off that fucked me up. I didn't do a goddamn thing this weekend to get ready. I can't think of a reason now why I didn't, though. Idiot.

Today was pretty goddamn busy, despite my not working. I was at the gym less than 90 minutes after I got out of bed. I went to three different stores (one of which I went to twice, because the first pass through yielded no parking spots -- and I did that shit having to pee). I had some downtime while seeing The Ides of March with W (which was better than I thought it would be and my first Ryan Gosling movie ... is that his real accent?), but other than that, I've been pretty much going all day.

I feel like I should have cleaned the bathroom, but that's something best left until right before my company arrives. I also have to get ice yet, but again, that's a last-minute thing. I'm sure I've forgotten something major. Or maybe it's just that I have to make cranberries, sweet potatoes and a chocolate stout cake tomorrow, in addition to going to the gym, getting a mammogram, having lunch with KayGee and getting to Liquor Lyle's by 4:30 for Thanksgiving Eve festivities that is weighing on my mind.

Eh, whatever. I mean, I should probably be in bed, but there are good songs coming out of my computer and my wine glass isn't empty. Also, I'M ON VACATION. Shit will work itself out. Right?

21 November 2011

Say it ain't so, Chrome.

I've logged into Firefox from my laptop and I'm able to compose a post. Twitter appears to be working just fine, too. BOO.

Anyway, my vacation is starting out pretty well, I suppose. I worked a full eight hours today. I was hoping I'd be able to cut it a bit short -- especially after working a couple of hours yesterday. But no. Oh well.

I did get to go to the gym on my "lunch" hour today. It made me feel so fancy -- like a lady of leisure or something. I even ran TWO errands. TWO!

For some reason, I feel like I should have done so many things today. In some respects, it felt like I had the day off. I worked from my couch, after all. Except I worked a full day, and went to the gym, so how much fucking time should I have for errands, cleaning, cooking and all that? I did cook tonight. I did dishes, too.

I don't have to do everything today. I have tomorrow, most of Wednesday and a good chunk of Thursday to get ready for Thanksgiving. I started yesterday, doing stuff. It'll all be okay, I'm sure. Right? RIGHT?

What. The. Fuck.

I still can't get a new post page to load on Blogger whether it is with the old or new interface. That hasn't changed since yesterday, but now I can no longer Tweet or respond to Tweets.

Is it my new router, or is it something else? Everything else seems too work just fine ... I worked a full day today and my brain is fried, or I'd do some more investigating.

20 November 2011

Can't blog via computer.

I fully intended to write something tonight, but for whatever reason, I can't get Blogger to load on my computer. It seems to work just fine on my phone.

I was feeling a bit lost this evening, what with not having to go into the office tomorrow. I even worked a bit today so I might not have to work a completely full day tomorrow. But there was no big meal to cook tonight or anything. I am on a mission to do a little fridge and freezer clean-out this week for lunches and dinners. Fun!

Okay, doing this on my phone sucks ass, so I am done with this shit. It's also freezing in here, leaving me without the manual dexterity I need for phone-blogging.

NOTE: Inappropriate tags due to fat fingers/incompetent swyping.


Met my sister's boyfriend today, about 45 minutes after I first learned of his existence.

Braved the first snowfall of the season and the horrible driving conditions it produced. I also lived to tell the tale.

Was mauled by a happy baby who chewed on my hair and the neck of my shirt. At least I managed to remove my big, hoop earrings before she got a hand on those. But she was gleeful about taking two tiny handfuls of the cowl neck of my shirt and stuffing them in her mouth. I'm out of practice around the wee folk. What kind of idiot goes somewhere with a six-month-old wearing her hair down and enormous hoop earrings? I'm so dumb.

Celebrated another birthday for another delightful friend with even more of my favorite people in the whole world.

Did more drinking at one of my favorite bars in the Minneapple.

Cleaned up a bit of my DVR.

Successfully installed my new wireless router. It works well enough that I can now connect to the remote work server. So that means I can work even more effectively on my days off.

Currently delaying bed for some silly reason. In theory, I will wake up and have enough gumption to get going to the gym so I can get home and just be so incredibly lazy and watch nothing but NFL RedZone all afternoon. It's gonna be sweet. Maybe.

17 November 2011

Time to bring back a a very special tag.

Oh God, y'all. I don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow. There has been an influx of people on our floor and with that, apparently, comes a new crop of ladies who have no earthly idea of what to do in a public bathroom.

It started out as a lot of paper toweling all over the floors, unflushed toilets filled to the brim with shit, blood and toilet paper and of course, pee fucking everywhere in the stalls. Oh, let's not forget the people who don't quite have the hang of closing stall doors.

A couple of days ago, someone somehow knocked the feminine hygiene disposal unit on to the floor in one of the stalls. Delightful. For what it is worth, it seems like all the women on the floor have their period at the same time, and they've had it for weeks. Today, there were tampon wrappers and bloody pads all over the floor TWICE today.

I've worked in this place for more than three years. That's more than 36 periods. I've never once managed to strew bloody trash all over the place. What am I doing that these "ladies" aren't?

I just don't get it. I don't understand why people think it's okay to throw their trash everywhere on the floor. I don't understand why they think it's perfectly fine to pee on toilet seats or wipe blood/shit on stall walls. Who thinks that is acceptable behavior?

After today, I'm not even that pissed that I'm already giving back half a "vacation" day next week. As long as I can pee in my own bathroom, I think I'll manage somehow.

14 November 2011

Hoarder or savvy consumer?

The 'rents want to get me a chest freezer. See, my apartment is small and I have small kitchen appliances. I have the small oven/range, the size of something like this.

My refrigerator/freezer is on the small side, too. I can't get a gallon of milk in there, unless I put it on its side, and that usually leads to leakage. Boo.

I just don't think there is a place in my kitchen where I could put even a small freezer. That's due, at least in part, to my outlet placement/lack of outlets, as well.

However, I could almost certainly fit a small freezer into a corner in my living room, or behind my bedroom door.

The problem? It feels tacky. I think it might make me feel like a hoarder. At the same time, though, I would have a place to put my meat and vegetable odds and ends until I had enough to make stock. I could store my homemade stock. I could do more large-batch cooking and freeze more portions for later (I often end up throwing out stuff that could be frozen for eating later because my freezer barely closes as it is). I could make better use of sale items and my CSA box.

I know I'm not going to live here forever. I also know there's something to be said for making the most of the space you have. I just don't know what I should do. What do you think, readers?

If I don't go with the freezer, I've suggested this as another option. And I've coveted one of those bad boys for many years. I'd contemplate marriage to get one, but this would be a good way to get one without having to get hitched. Except ... I'd have trouble trying to find somewhere to store it.

13 November 2011

Heading into the home stretch.

I have just five days of work to get through before a full week off work and nothing but short weeks the rest of the year. Oh man, it feels so good.

Now, I don't really think I'll actually be off the entire time I'm supposed to be off work. I'm prepared to do work at home for my Big Client, but I think I should be able to shrug off the rest. Looks like things should be starting to wind down, anyway. Hopefully. That is never how it really happens, though, is it?

The weekend turned out to be not too shabby. Of course, the purse I bought Friday night has a busted zipper (could I buy something that doesn't break immediately?). However, I'm so in love with it that I am going to do whatever I can to get a replacement. You know it's a good purse when my mom tells me several times over the course of a day that she really likes it.

Home was actually pretty fun. I got a huge surprise when I found out there was a SECOND DOG at the house. Not a new puppy, unfortunately. It was my aunt and uncle's Gordon Setter. I like her a lot. So I got to pet two dogs. Since Greta (the Gordon Setter) was sleeping in Brandi's kennel, Brandi got to sleep in the house, which meant she stayed up with me last night until I went to bed. I got to pet the shit out of her. It was delightful.

The trip to the winery and singing was fun. Turns out that after a glass of wine, my nerves just go away and I didn't give a shit about screwing up or anything. And we screwed up a bunch. But no one noticed, because we just rolled right through it like it was nothing. That's the really nice part about singing with someone who has been playing and singing with me since I was 12.

I even managed to throw another song into my repertoire. Look, I've heard Patsy Cline plenty of times, but I didn't know the words to "Walkin' After Midnight." It was decided (by mob rule) that I would sing it anyway. Apparently, I faked my way through well enough that my sober dad (he's not into wine) had no idea I didn't know it. So, yay me.

My parents seemed to have had fun. Most of the crowd was made up of their friends. Because my mom told freakin' everyone she knew about it. I had fun with one of my oldest, dearest friends (plus her sister, her husband, her friend and one of my babysitters from when I was a wee lass).

Crap. I walked away for a bit to do dishes and now I've kind of lost my train of thought. It all boils down, I guess, to the weekend that I had been dreading wasn't terrible. I bought some surprisingly good wine (oh yeah, the winery makes awfully damn good wine). Did a lot of dog petting and I think made my mom pretty happy. All in all, I think it was good.

I'm really starting to fixate on Thanksgiving. I wish it was this week.

11 November 2011

Ladies night.

With The Boy I Currently Like getting ready for his Big Work Event™ tomorrow, I decided to do a little girl time with W this evening. We went to Moss Envy for their ladies' night. It wasn't nearly as awesome as I was hoping. The red wine went unopened and there wasn't much food.

However! We had a really freakin' delicious brownie s'more thing that was fudgy and chewy and full of fancy marshmallow. Oh, and I got a sweet purse. It was pretty expensive (for me), but in my defense, I've been looking for a new purse for ages. I've bought several and returned them, because they just weren't right.

This purse, though, was RIGHT. It spoke to me. No, it's true. W said she heard it. Plus, it was 20 percent off! Also, eco-friendly and shit.

Our efforts to get some food afterward were stymied a number of times. No parking for Muddy Waters, nor for The Bulldog. We got a parking spot at The Lowry, but the wait was creeping perilously close to 90 minutes. So, we ended up at good ol' Lyle's. How I love Lyle's.

I guess I'm as ready for family time in the hometown and singing as I'll ever be.

10 November 2011

It's the out I've been looking for.

So, I already told you about my singing gig that's coming up on Saturday. I'm kind of dreading it, but I'm sure it'll end up being fun. A couple of my friends are coming.

More importantly, my mom will be happy. I'm also going to the church ladies' bazaar with her (huh?) and then actual shopping at the mall after that (buh?). Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm doing it. I think it's mostly because, while I would love to spend a weekend that I won't be seeing The Boy I Currently Like having a shitload of ME TIME, it's a great opportunity to do some shit to make my mom happy, so maybe she'll get off my back for a while about doing stuff like this.

I'm also doing it for BB, who did so much for me for so many years while I was in school. And again, I'm sure it will be fun after I've sampled some of what the winery has to offer.

There's been an unexpected bonus to all of this, though. When my mom mentioned it while the entire family was together, my sister piped up right away and said, "Well, I won't be there." My brother and sister-in-law, however, go home all the goddamn time. I figured there was a good chance they'd show up. We had dinner on Tuesday for my sister's birthday, though, and they didn't say a peep about it. No, "Well, we'll see you on Saturday," or anything like that.

This means, I'm off the fucking hook. I don't ever have to feel obligated to go to any of their stuff ever again. How often do I do shit like this? Um, once every five years or so? They came to that one, I think. But I didn't ask them to come. And quite frankly, I don't care if they are in attendance. In fact, I'm kind of glad they won't be there. But in the years since they last saw me sing, I've seen my sister sing at least twice and went to watch my brother in the marathon twice. I went to my sister-in-law's confirmation and I DID ALL OF THEIR WEDDING SHIT.

So, I won't be going to any of their stuff ... ever? At the very least, it will be several years. That's pretty exciting for me.

08 November 2011

I have hope again.

Mississippi defeated the personhood amendment (note: the Google doesn't recognize "personhood" as a word. It's a tip).

That is so beyond awesome.

In Ohio, the collective bargaining law was defeated. A significant majority -- 61 percent of the votes as of the latest reports -- voted down the law.

This is also so freakin' awesome. I really do have faith in my fellow Americans again tonight. Of course, the Republicans/right-to-lifers will find some way to deem these decisions not a mandate or not the will of the people. That's what they do. But the fact of the matter is, the people rejected those measures.

These votes tonight also give me hope for Minnesota's marriage amendment next year. But that vote won't come for nearly a year. Still, a little hope is a great thing.

I also got to spend a little wine-time with Urbanwanderlust tonight and even got a little butt-fondling from The Boy I Currently Like. Not bad for a Tuesday. That a second Le Mystere bra is about to bust another side wire is less-than-awesome news. Great.

07 November 2011

'Tis the season.

It had already been cropping up in the past few weeks, but tonight the whole "inconsiderate assholes" thing at the gym really came into focus.

So, for the next ... oh, six months or so, I will leave the gym most days angrier than when I got there because people won't observe time limits on cardio machines. They'll continue to not wipe down machines, because hey -- who wouldn't want to sit in their ball sweat? Only there will be more people doing it.

Let's not forget the ladies in the crowded locker room who will stand around, taking up space while they marvel at how Whitney Houston has put on some weight. Yeah, that happened tonight, while I was standing there, with my gym bag in hand, just waiting for her to get the fuck out of my way.

Gah. I hate them all so freakin' much.

06 November 2011

Customer service success story.

I know the majority of the past week has been filled with my bitching about my defective bra. And I'm sorry. But it's frustrating to spend a lot of money on something that breaks in two months. Especially when I followed all the damn rules.

I waited nearly a week to hear from Le Mystere, but it was worth it. I don't know which e-mail it was or how it made it to Jessica in New York, but she fucking rocked my world. She initially offered to replace the two defective bras, but since Macy's took the one back that I'd purchased there, it was only the bra I'd bought from HerRoom that appeared to give me no recourse. Had I been a greedy bitch, I maybe would have said, "Sure, I'll take two bras." That's not me, though.

Jessica and I exchanged e-mails over the course of the day and I finally settled on a completely different style of bra from the two I'd had trouble with to have them send me. Because Jessica was so awesome, she threw in a free pair of undies. I have no idea what they might look like (probably I could figure it out on the website, but I like surprises), but hey -- FREE UNDERWEAR.

I feel like I should point something out here: Le Mystere has a lot of bras in sizes to fit the chesticularly endowed. In addition to the two styles I've purchased, she gave me seven additional options from which to choose. I gotta give it up to a company that makes at least nine different styles of bras in sizes for the generously-boobied.

The only thing that has me feeling shitty is the fact that I had to get pissy to get anything done. I also feel shitty for even complaining, once the complaining was acknowledged by the complainee. I think that's my problem, however. Anyway, about the whole getting pissy thing, like The Boy I Currently Like pointed out, "the squeaky wheel and all that." It's true and you know, if you don't complain, how is anyone going to know that there is a problem?

Anyway, even if the new bra doesn't work out (though, I have high hopes and Jessica said she thought I would love it), at least someone listened and provided me with a solution. I think that's all anyone wants. That's mostly what I want, anyway.

05 November 2011

Drinkin' and cleanin'.

I've been rather productive since I left The Boy I Currently Like's house this afternoon. Not necessarily in the way I'd hoped to be, but what can you do?

My errands started off well, but then I forgot a receipt for some shit I wanted to exchange. Byerley's didn't have any Malbec or Zin Bota boxes (they are having a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale). Trader Joe's didn't have any boxed wine either.

On the flip side, I remembered I needed quarters for laundry before I even started my errand-running. When I got to the gym, I found out my iPod was without battery power. FUCK. But then! I remembered I had my phone and therefore I had access to music. Thank you, Google Music. You're the best thing in the entire world.

When I was listening to my gym playlist on my phone, I realized I'd forgotten my phone charger at The Boy's house. Fortunately, I was able to get to T-Mobile to buy a back-up phone charger. I also got an update, a case plus screen protector and a new SIM card. The girl who helped me marveled at how old my current SIM card was. It was still branded Voicestream, for one thing. I've probably had it for as long as I've been with T-Mobile/Voicestream, which is around eight years or more.

So, my phone works better now, I guess. I got to do some drinking and cleaning. My apartment no longer totally disgusts me. And I'm all clean. Honestly, I don't know where drinking and cleaning has been all my life. I usually clean when I come home from the gym on the weekend, so I can get dirty while I'm already sweaty and gross.

I ran out of time for laundry, which is a bummer. But I'm getting a little cooking done, so all is not lost. And I get an extra hour of sleep tonight! I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of that.

04 November 2011

Le Mystere comes in for the save.

Will expand later, but someone from Le Mystere finally responded to me and has made things better. I got my apology and I'm getting a replacement bra.

Thanks, Jessica. You rule.

02 November 2011

The bra saga continues.

It's five days since the wire poked out of my Le Mystere bra; that translates to three business days. I got a response from HerRoom, which is where I bought the bra. That response was, "you're shit out of luck. Hope you enjoyed shopping with us!"

Yeah, no. I didn't enjoy shopping with you. I responded to Jerrica, the customer service agent who gave me the "you're fucked" response. The e-mail isn't going through. The system is going to try for one more day, but then it's over. Yeah. Thanks for that, HerRoom.

As for Le Mystere, I haven't gotten a response from them at all. Oh, wait. I did get the "thanks for following us. Did you know we're on Facebook?" DM from them on Twitter. This was after I talked shit about them. I sent two more e-mails last night to different addresses in their drop down menu on the "Contact Us" page. The rest are all for different countries, but I think I might e-mail all of them, as well. What the fuck can it hurt?

So, I'm clearly out the money. But I can't get an apology? Or even an acknowledgement? FUCK YOU BOTH, Le Mystere and HerRoom. Tomorrow, I start my Facebook and Twitter wars. But it isn't going to do a damn thing.

You're both doing a really great job of customer service, Le Mystere and HerRoom. Just a fucking bang-up job.

01 November 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

The day after I sang at my grandpa's funeral, I got an e-mail from my high school choir director, who played for me at the funeral. I've been singing with her since I was 12 years old, which was when she first started teaching music.

She's no longer teaching, and I think it's done her a world of good. That job wrung her out. For the better part of 20 years, she just kept taking on more and more responsibilities. The school was taking her for granted like nobody's business. So, she got out. I admire her for it.

Anyway, compared to the last time I saw her ... or maybe sang with her, she was in so much better spirits. I had fun practicing with her to sing at grandpa's funeral, and I wished I could have had a more fun opportunity to sing with her. Cue the post-funeral e-mail.

She's been playing occasionally at the winery in town, and said I should sing with her on one of her upcoming dates. I was waffling internally, because I had plans one night, the nephew would probably have a basketball tournament the other weekend. There was one possibility ... as it turned out, The Boy I Currently Like has a work event that weekend.

I said yes. We e-mailed about practicing and songs. I was headed down that way today to get my hair did today, anyway, so that worked out for practicing. I thought I'd sing three, maybe four songs. Then it looked like seven. Now, it's NINE. What. The. Fuck. I'm not sure I've ever done that much singing outside the car.

Of course, my voice was shot today after a couple of days hanging out at M&S's place with the kitty. Hopefully I'll have a strong voice next Saturday. Now I have to think about what I'm going to wear and all that. My mom is already all, "I told all my friends and all the teachers at school." Thanks, mom.

I don't understand why anyone would want to hear me sing. I have a decent voice, but I find it lacking in ... character. I want a little rasp. I want that whiskey-soaked sound. I want something more than what I have. Don't we all, though?

Anyway, at least it is at a winery and I will have access to liquid courage before getting up there in front of everyone. Here's hoping I don't fuck up too badly.