30 October 2011

Where did you go, weekend?

I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Not. At. All. I feel like my weekend was all-go, no being lazy. Well, I did get a nap in this afternoon, though, I didn't mean to take a nap.

Being busy wasn't terrible or anything. I stayed up way too late with The Boy I Currently Like Friday night, then went to watch my nephew play football with a headache. Stupid wine and not enough water. After that, lunch with the fam and some errands, I went over to M&S's house to watch the Gophers beat Iowa and keep Floyd of Rosedale. Oh, it was a fun game.

Last night, I watched The Shining and went over to Macho Man's place to do his makeup for Halloween. He was going for first-time tranny/novice drag queen. I think I did okay. It was a bit of a dream for me to finally put makeup on a boy. It was not a disappointing experience.

Now here I am, finishing up my Sunday night cooking (butternut squash soup, whole wheat beer bread with cheese and chives and oatmeal for breakfast all week). There's a laundry basket full of clothes on my bed that needs to be put away. I kinda have to do that before bed. Oh, and I have to get all the food put away. Shit. I suppose I should go do that.

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